Rigged roulette balls

I did post it before under general but I do not see it now.

Some kid posted the pokerstars casino using such a ball. Same erratic movement.

That ball is ridiculous. A player could spot that ball a mile away. It’s so poorly made that it won’t even rotate around the track without grinding, wobbling, and hopping. Yes, I know it also has a vibrator in it designed to make it shake even more, but the ball is clearly an aftermarket creation made by some player. It wouldn’t fool anyone.


Very similar movement here.

This video I first time saw maybe 3 years back and even had slight contact with seller.
They sells many other product for cheating - glasses, linzes, diferent cards with special marks … etc/

Here is some other their product
If you not undersdtand russian i will say that in ear are microphone and analizator say which hand will win so which will be hold best combinattion in the end.

So that ball was created at least initially not for casino, but for player. Player in some way change ball maybe in cooperattion with dealer and player wins big then change ball back and go out from casino.
For casino to use such ball is super risky because they can lost licensia and that is many millions dollars…

Hi guys can you look at this conversation and tell me what you think,
Its a guy who says he has a device that helps you win on all or most air ball roulette wheels

I don’t see how it can work I would be interested on your opinion

[01/04/2017 01:58:34] Magnetic Power: Hello
[01/04/2017 02:04:34]: Hi
[01/04/2017 02:05:07]: Can you explain how your device works please
[01/04/2017 02:05:35] Magnetic Power: Well this device is based on magnetic field inside the wheel, it affects on it and change it to the lowest frequency wich is zero sector, on that way machines makes this rule that house always win, with this device you work against them with their technique
[01/04/2017 02:07:10] How close to the wheel do you need to be
[01/04/2017 02:07:39] Magnetic Power: 1-2 meters
[01/04/2017 02:08:05] Magnetic Power: Depends from table to table
[01/04/2017 02:08:28] Do you have any info on the device
[01/04/2017 02:09:02] Magnetic Power: You get instructions with package
[01/04/2017 02:09:36]: How much do you charge
[01/04/2017 02:10:52] Magnetic Power: $500 + delivery
[01/04/2017 02:11:38]: Is that euros
[01/04/2017 02:12:04]: Or dollors
[01/04/2017 02:12:41] Magnetic Power: Usd
[01/04/2017 02:12:56] Magnetic Power: Dollars
[01/04/2017 02:13:18]: How is the magnetic field generated inside the wheel
[01/04/2017 02:14:44] Magnetic Power: Because rpg roulettes have specific mechanisms that is designed to take peoples money and all that is based on 3 key points that creates magnetic signals inside and affect the ball
[01/04/2017 02:15:54] So is the ball magnetic too
[01/04/2017 02:17:03] Magnetic Power: No
[01/04/2017 02:17:32] Magnetic Power: That 3 positions inside makes ball to fall to some specific area
[01/04/2017 02:18:30] Do you have anymore videos
[01/04/2017 02:18:41] Magnetic Power: Yeah im sending you
[01/04/2017 02:18:44] Magnetic Power: Now
[01/04/2017 02:19:08]: Ok thanks
[01/04/2017 02:19:33] Magnetic Power: Its our new model
[01/04/2017 02:23:34]: So is it designed for air ball machines
[01/04/2017 02:24:11] Magnetic Power: Yeah rpg roulettes
[01/04/2017 02:24:18]: Is the device a big magnet
[01/04/2017 02:25:08]: So it’s not for wheels with croupier
[01/04/2017 02:26:10] Magnetic Power: No , device is quite and it can fit in your pocket and work from there if you stay close to roulette
[01/04/2017 02:27:09]: So does the device require a battery
[01/04/2017 02:28:08] Magnetic Power: Yeah you get one set of batteries with device
[01/04/2017 02:28:39] So it’s not for wheels with croupier
[01/04/2017 02:28:50] Magnetic Power: No
[01/04/2017 02:29:00] Magnetic Power: Its for automatic rpg roulettes
[01/04/2017 02:29:38] So does the device emitt an emf
[01/04/2017 02:30:05] Magnetic Power: Yeah something similar
[01/04/2017 02:30:35]: Can I see a picture
[01/04/2017 02:33:10] It looks like a big battery
[01/04/2017 02:33:30]: It’s very interesting
[01/04/2017 02:34:07] Can you tell me more about the theory behind it
[01/04/2017 02:34:47] Magnetic Power: It comes with instructions
[01/04/2017 02:35:15] Magnetic Power: It don’t have theory
[01/04/2017 02:35:47] Magnetic Power: Where are you from?
[01/04/2017 02:35:59]: U.K.
[01/04/2017 02:36:53] I am just wondering how it works
[01/04/2017 02:37:11] Magnetic Power: So you don’t want to buy it?
[01/04/2017 02:37:18]: How you figured it all out
[01/04/2017 02:37:37]: If it works I would love to buy it
[01/04/2017 02:37:47] Magnetic Power: My friends from russia invented it
[01/04/2017 02:38:09]: Seems an amazing device
[01/04/2017 02:38:33] Where are you from
[01/04/2017 02:39:12] Magnetic Power: Im from Russia, but im currently live in Serbia
[01/04/2017 02:39:27]: Ok
[01/04/2017 02:40:13] How long would it take to arrive
[01/04/2017 02:40:27] Magnetic Power: 3-5 work days
[01/04/2017 02:40:36]: Ok
[01/04/2017 02:41:36]: Can you give me anymore info to help me decide
[01/04/2017 02:42:39] Magnetic Power: Be free to ask me if you have any question
[01/04/2017 02:43:08] Magnetic Power: We guarantee for our devices
[01/04/2017 02:43:23]: How
[01/04/2017 02:44:10] Magnetic Power: Well in case that you are unhappy with device you can send us back and we will send you money back or new that will work
[01/04/2017 02:44:31]: Ok
[01/04/2017 02:44:36] Magnetic Power: But you will be happy with it for sure
[01/04/2017 02:44:43]: Seems fair
[01/04/2017 02:45:32] Thanks for your time
[01/04/2017 02:46:01] Magnetic Power: No problem, im here for all your questions
[02/04/2017 00:19:06]: Hi
[02/04/2017 00:20:17] Would you take less for your device, with a view to paying a lot more if it works for me
[02/04/2017 12:07:08] Magnetic Power: Well what do you have in mind?
[02/04/2017 16:22:26]: I pay you 50 pound, and if it works I will give you 2 thousand two weeks later
[02/04/2017 19:46:17] Magnetic Power: Send 200 and you have a deal
[03/04/2017 06:06:11] Would your device work on that wheel
[03/04/2017 06:08:46] The problem I have is this, I am an electrical engineer and I can’t see how a strong magnetic field would have the effect you are describing
[03/04/2017 06:09:24] So can you tell me more about the science part
[03/04/2017 06:10:17]: Otherwise I am only prepared to give you 50 then 2000 if it does work
[03/04/2017 14:07:07] Magnetic Power: It wil work on that roulette
[03/04/2017 14:07:26] Magnetic Power: And my bedt offer is 200 now and 300 when you tes device
[03/04/2017 14:07:31] Magnetic Power: Test
[03/04/2017 18:54:51] I will take your best offer if you can give me some theory behind how the divorce works
[03/04/2017 18:55:10]: Will send cash tonight if you can
[04/04/2017 11:32:03] Magnetic Power: This 3 spots affect the ball and make roulette to hit zero sector
[04/04/2017 11:32:34] Magnetic Power: They are full of magnetic power that affect the ball, and device affect that 3 spots
[04/04/2017 11:37:23] So are the balls magnetic too
[04/04/2017 15:30:32] Magnetic Power: No but they have small dose of barium sulfate inside them
[04/04/2017 15:30:53] Magnetic Power: So they can be controlled
[05/04/2017 20:41:20]: So does your machine turn into a big magnet when power is applied xx
[06/04/2017 01:05:19] Magnetic Power: Yeah something similar
[06/04/2017 06:50:37] Can you explain it to me
[06/04/2017 11:27:27] Magnetic Power: I already explained you
[06/04/2017 11:28:12]: What is similar to a magnet , that’s what I mean
[06/04/2017 15:18:18] Magnetic Power: Well its magnet
[18/04/2017 00:22:39] Hello my friend can you tell me more about the three key points, are they electro magnets
[18/04/2017 00:23:32] Would I send money to a pay pal account or something like that
[18/04/2017 13:09:26] Magnetic Power: Yes they are electro magnetic , as payment options we use moneygram, skrill, western union, neteller…
[18/04/2017 14:11:31]: Ok cool last question now
[18/04/2017 14:13:09] Electro magnets are are activated by electricity, so how does your device have an effect on them.
[18/04/2017 14:13:51]: If your answer seems logical I will send you the money this weekend
[18/04/2017 14:15:31] Magnetic Power: This device works with special kind of batteries and send strong electric signals to roulette that change ball course
[18/04/2017 14:19:25] By special do you mean high voltage or high current or both
[18/04/2017 14:20:03] Magnetic Power: Both
[18/04/2017 14:21:02]: Wot is the voltage and current of the battery in the device
[18/04/2017 14:22:33] Magnetic Power: It have 8v in device
[18/04/2017 14:22:49] Magnetic Power: 8,1 volts
[18/04/2017 14:23:49] Magnetic Power: I mean 2 batteries with 4,05 voltage
[18/04/2017 14:23:58] Magnetic Power: That works with generator as one
[18/04/2017 14:25:05] Magnetic Power: Current is 2 amp
[18/04/2017 14:30:48]: Does it come with a charging system
[18/04/2017 14:32:19] Magnetic Power: You can order charging system for 120€, or you can order new set of batteries for 15 per set
[18/04/2017 14:33:12]: How long do batteries last for
[18/04/2017 14:33:48] Magnetic Power: It depends how often you use device, but it ussualy last for 20-30 days
[18/04/2017 14:34:51] Is the device very heavy
[18/04/2017 14:35:24] Magnetic Power: 1460 grams
[18/04/2017 14:35:34] Magnetic Power: 1.46 kg
[18/04/2017 15:17:15] Mate I really want this device to be real,
[18/04/2017 15:18:00] Magnetic Power: It will work I guarantee you
[18/04/2017 15:18:25]: But your just not making me understand how it’s going to do wot you say
[18/04/2017 15:19:49] The three electo magnets you speak of I understand, I just don’t understand how a strong magnet can effect them
[18/04/2017 15:20:53] The only thing that effects a electro magnet is the amount of current going through it
[18/04/2017 15:21:12] Magnetic Power: My English is not so good I tried to explain you best I could
[18/04/2017 15:22:24]: Your device emits an magnetic force but that would make no difference to the three electro magnets
[18/04/2017 15:22:52] If I am wrong please make or help me to understand
[18/04/2017 15:24:55]: Also there are no such things as special battery’s , batteries are batteries and are there to provide a power source
[18/04/2017 15:26:25] Magnetic Power: Yeah thats why we have generator that transmits strikes from our batteries power to roulette
[18/04/2017 15:27:50] Magnetic Power: This batteries are specially designed for this device
[18/04/2017 15:28:39]: Ok I appreciate your time in trying to help me understand
[18/04/2017 15:29:33] Can you send me the way it works in Russian and I will pay to get it translated
[18/04/2017 15:30:21] And you should be proud of how good your English is
[18/04/2017 15:32:22] Magnetic Power: Ok i will write you on Serbian but later im going on meeting right now
[18/04/2017 15:39:55]: Would you be able to send me the Russian translation
[18/04/2017 22:57:10]: ok thanks
[19/04/2017 12:48:39] Hello mate, any chance of getting that translation

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Let’s imagine what he is saying, the casino cheats and installed 3 electromagnets that can affect the ball. Such cheating solution would require a lot of power inducted in a particular moment, also the ball that can be affected by magnetic force.

To make induction in such electromagnet is beyond any logic. First you will make induction in all of them. Let’s assume you do it in the closest one the most so it has the greatest chance to pull the ball. It would require far greater power then his 8V and 2A device that makes only 8x2=16 Watts of power. That’s nothing.
Why to magnetise the coil inside with magnetic force to move the ball if you can use such force directly on the ball. For that reason his explanation is not logical at all.

We can look at it from the other perspective.
Say the wheel has such coils. But they have no power. Somewhere under the table they make induction for 10s, coil receives it and stores it then such power uses in a particular moment triggered by remote. With such device would be possible to pass the power (of course if it has more Watts) but still would require something else to activate such power at the right moment.

That makes and third possibility. If there are coils with power, then the device only sends signal to activate it. Of course that is impossible since such device would never be built that way and electronic circuit by itself simply cannot do it.

I believe this is the device.

It looks the ball is responsive to magnetic field and the device makes it bounce.
If there are such balls in casino this could be useful.

Does anyone have a contact to buy 1 of these?

I have the Skype address of the person that claims to sell them

Can u send it for me? Lyndonramkissoon@hotmail.co.uk

Just add magnetic power to skype

Ok cool will try it now

I didn’t find him do you have a email for him

No sorry but Skype will work

I want buy magnetic roulette ball remote controled, who sale this device? Let me know me ASAP

Me too, but abstain from scammers, hahahahah :rofl::rofl::rofl: