Recruiting for team play

I am a businessman and are involved in multiple industries such as real estate developing, F&B, nightclubs, investment. I have been successful in many different industries and I believe I will be successful in roulette with the right knowledge, skills, management, risk control. I can send you a business card for the above if you write me a dm. I am planning to use roulette to generate income and set up a company to strategically invest in different industry. Please drop me a message if any of you are interested in joining our team. I have written a proposal and there are already investors who are willing to invest. For those who are not willing to risk your own money, here is your chance.

I believe that roulette is beatable but not forever, it is your time to join the family. I am also looking for great minds to solve the technical part. It is ideal to have someone who have personally achieved stable income and roulette to be the coaches in the team. It is also good to have members in our team who have different expertise such as programming, statistics models on roulette, how physical conditions affect the roulette wheel and ball, fund management, risk management, etc.

Base on my experience as a business man, I already have lawyers, accountants and tax expert, to act as consultants.

You make it sound easy - it is not easy - thanks and credit goes to Kelly -

An example of a team manual. If someone wanna form a syndicate or a team of players, there must be some guidelines so that everybody knows what to expect. Also, there must be some sort of management of the dayly routines and operating of the money. Each member should have his own function, preferbly what he does best and what the group benefits the best of. I will here first list the advantages of team play and then the manual.


  1. A wheel can be tracked constantly by working in shifts.
  2. A wheel can be played in shifts, for maximum gain.
  3. The bankroll is bigger and the payout is larger.
  4. Tracking can be continue with a tracker at the same time a BP is hitting the table (2 people) so the BP don`t have to take notes.


• Key names within the team.
• Working area geographicly.
• Member tests. To protect the team bankroll, members should once in a while be skill testet under controlled conditions.
• List of stats: Team members are rated as to their winnings.
• On every casino trip, dealers are rated as A, B, C, and D. D is unplayable.
• Backroom MO if one of the team members is being backroomed.
• Betting system for team members at certain conditions within a dealer shift.
• General policy and procedures.
• Team confidentiality agreement.
• Quality assurance, each team member will be asked to sign a commitment contract.
• Skill requirements for different level of team members.
• Acceptable and non acceptable extra curricular activities for team members.
• Penalties for policy violations.
• Keying guidelines.
• Betting guidelines.
• Accounting, security and quality control.
• Pay ates for team members.
• Scouting work sheet, each casino is scouted to perfection before a team plays the casino.

How to scout key games, including everything from:

  1. Ball types
  2. Wheel types.
  3. Tilt dgree
  4. visual bias.
  5. Conditions, +3 - 4 standard deviations only playable.
  6. Calling of NMB.
  7. Calculation of ROR and bankroll versus possible gain.

• Daily updates on the wheel data.
• Possible recalculation of data if maintenance has taken place.
• Exit point should be fixed, so comparison of data is possible.
• Thumper or other external devices might be a possible must, to ensure equal exits in between members.
• Projecting the possible outcome of an average session, given the specific wheel data and NMB conditions.
• Payout rates and intervals.
• Kelly betting.
• General information.

So do the average AP player has the spirit for this ? VB players tends to be 1 man armys where bias players, how rare they ever are, tends to play in teams since they have to keep an eye on things on a personal basis while accounting for clock and anticlockwise spins.

Beating roulette is certainly not easy but at the same time not impossible. With the right mindset and right managment skills, should be able to do it with teamplay and investor can make money without actually knowing too deep.

Sorry if that sounds rude, but no one who knows what they are doing, will ever give in to your proposal.
the “technical skill” is THE skill needed. BR , accounting etc are comparably easy and the few People who are skilled and need BR know enough ppl with a reputation in the industry who have money.
You might however attract some frauds , who will try to freeroll you so watch out.


Absolutely right, but not because :

what is absolutely not true…

If to team came two players who know what to do - the team become stronger. If to the team came two players - one who know and one who did not know what to do - the team becomes weaker and that says - all…

As a professional, I’ve seen much.

I’ve seen the frauds, the scammers, the daydreamers, and the lowly gaming risk consultants bottom feeding for information.

Your pitch is concerning to me. To accomplish your goals you need to meet up with some people and get references/intros in order to move up the ladder.


I would love to meet with players who are actually consitently winning as there is a saying you only learn from those who have already acheived what you want to achieve. However, I have never met a person who are winning consistently in roulette.

Fraud is a problem so normally i would like them to pay a upfront deposit which is reasonable (like 300usd) and we must meet in person. There are contracts signed and we have a compamy set up and an office so we have mutal trust. Online casino is also an easy way to manage funds as all plays are tracked.

Part of the appeal to playing professionally solo is that you get to be your own boss. Starting a syndicate from the ground up, with all the other things you mentioned feels like a bad idea for someone like me. Some of us are spread all over, so not sure how you plan to meet everyone. Roulette is also solved so unsure why you need people to solve the technical when that’s already been done.

Anyway, good luck with your search.

Exactly, the purpose of this forum is for all players around the world for information. I would like to know the stuff