Recording Spins in Acrobat

Just a quick question to anyone who’s tested the acrobat.
Regarding amount of spins taken for samples, is it that the more spins you take the better it is since acrobat jumps between all of them to find the best possible outcome? or is 3-4 enough, im a bit confused as to how many samples i should take and what accuracy i should be using. Cheers

Only 2 people that I know already received it since they were not sure which battery to use.

It’s up to you.
I assume 3 spins for each diamond is enough .
Accuracy 2 or 3.
Accuracy 4-5 would be more if you took 1-2 sample on a strong tilt.

So would recording 20 spins increase the accurace of the predictions? or is unecessary.
Also would using accuracy 2 produce better results just less predictions?

I would say it’s unnecessary.
Yes it would, especially if you save only samples with good diamond hits. In accuracy 2 the system will be less tolerant how much the ball speed can deviate from center diamond hit. So you would also avoid more top diamond hits where results are not so certain.

're using the acrobat on a casino with roulette 12 diamonds. these roulette have the diamonds at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock horizontal and not vertical, as I set the acrobat? Roulette is leveled. I do not understand why when I use the menu 3 is more precise menu 2. many times when the acrobat give the prediction, the ball falling into the opposite side of the wheel to + 18 numbers. maybe because I hit only half the rotor? However, although it is not yet very practical, are always returned home with a gain :stuck_out_tongue: