Really really Confused with the system , Does system can really bet the Casion?

I read every articles, and did my homework …

About Steve , Youtube camera is very low … and really have millions ?

Here is a link people say it to Mr Steve H …

He email to me is :

Do Your Research
I’ve lost count of the people that first insult me thinking I’m a scammer, then eventually properly research and apologize. The people that accuse my systems of being a scam haven’t properly reviewed my websites. It’s not a coincidence.

You are here because you said something you had no idea about. Perhaps you believed the first thing you read, from people who have ulterior motives. Perhaps you read a website from a “competitor” pretending to be other people, and who want you to think my products are a scam and that theirs are best. Or perhaps you just made assumptions based on what you think you know about roulette.

I’ve written this page once, so I can refer people like you to it instead of wasting time explaining it

In Mr Steve case, i know not only him to do the " System " , also

MR :

Ion Salui, Mark Howe, Forester,Bago …

As i did my homework …

Steve give me 80% let’s me believe he is a liar …

But , We have many of people got the same questions, System can really hit the Casino pr it’s a day dream (scam )? if DO , Who can we believe ??

Because I live in UK , I personal contact Mr Jafcor , [email protected]

He is a seller 2 ,

A friends of mine :

If you listen to Steve or other people , there will be 2 folks that get money: Steve and the Casino.

The notion that any “system” can beat roulette is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Steve and other’s talks about walking away with small profits because that’s what his system tries to do. You will risk hundreds and thousands of dollars in order to make a small profit each time.

MOST of the time this will work! The problem is, you will eventually hit a losing streak that will seem very unfair, but it will be a losing streak nonetheless. When the losing streak hits, you’ll lose more money than you’ve ever made using this “system”.

NO SYSTEM can beat roulette IN THE LONG RUN. Period. If you continue to play, you will continue to win sometimes, but you will continue to lose more. If you buy Steve’s system, you deserve to go broke.

By the way - there are no “cheats” for real-money games.

And confused really have a way can hit Casino ?

If any system can hit the Casino , who’s system will buy it ? and do we really have a millionaire in this web ?

I don’t think so …

Not again :frowning:

hahahaha, poor Forester :-* :-* :-* :-*
we’re with you, don’t worry dude :stuck_out_tongue:

My only worry is the Acrobat 3 8)

If any system can hit the Casino , who's system will buy it ? and do we really have a millionaire in this web ?

I don’t think so …

You are wrong, we have also millionaires here. For sure we have fellows >> compulsive gamblers who beg, borrow or steal money for playing. They are negative millionaires. You are also welcome.
On the beginning more important is to stop losing, rest will come.

What’s u system ? F

What’s the ACRO 3 …

A new program for FFZ or FFV, especially made for x1x0, so he can play even if he is drunk.