Random law

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That i talking about aniway you play visual balistic,(visual bailistic is a kind of apreciation that people takes to make a playing chart) one day the best peak is in +3 and the other is in -13, that generate a bias, not the kind of josheph jagers biased wheal, the kind of visual balistic,or for example,Did you colect spins monday whith visaul balistic ,and see the peaks emerge in +3 then you come to the casino tuesday and don’t qulify and play +3 again?
Do you calibrate every day?
Do you calibrate in every spin or amount of spins?
If you do, why you qualify every amount of spins?
some people said is barometical presure, other said is umedity or cold or the enviroment.
Do you belive in this?
Or maby is the random law? that nivelates everithing in the long term?
knowin the roullete was not moved
and knowin, the nivelation of the wheal is the same, at the same diamond, do you calibrate every day?
if your patterns don’t change it convert in a kind of visual balistic bias. if your patterns change is because the random of the machine is afecting, what do you think about this fenomenum?

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peak is in +3 and the other is in -13,

what do you mean?

+3 or -13 from which point?

Is it from your prediction? How is based your prediction? Is prediction shifting or the ball bouncing changes?


There are a lot of things The Casino staff can do to change the ball scatter:

-Ball size or ball type change.
-Re-leveling the wheel.
-Cleaning schedule.
-Maintenance of the wheel.

Now the thing that can change the ball scatter and that has nothing to do with the Casino willing:

-Air pressure change/temperature change.
This affect much more wheels where you have a wood cone. Indeed, wood is a material that always live, this is the reason why on old wheels, you begin to see wood cracks on the cone.

If you’ve found a biased sector wheel which is due to cone defect, you can have this same wheel totally random the time the air pressure, temperature is high.
That’s why you must always collect and play spins with the same conditions, and the weather is very important.

Now concerning VB, you must track your offset the same day you are willing to play. This way you are guaranteed you will be facing the same conditions.

You now understand why Stefano is very wrong by saying to chart where the ball last landed and where the ball lands next over several days. Even if you chart always the same dealer, and the tilt of the wheel changed, you will read a random chart. If they cleaned the wheel, you will have a random chart, if they changed the ball, you will have a random chart.

Take in mind conditions can change even the same day you are tracking. That’s why you always requalify with the most recent 100-200 spins for example.(VB tracking)
If you are alone at the table during your first 100 spins and in the following 100 spins you have now 7 players at the table, the tilt of the wheel may have changed (depending of the table materials), therefore your offset you calculated during the first 100 spins may become wrong.

Yes, Roulette is not an easy game contrary to what scammers want you to believe, it is hard work.


It is very well explained. Thanks.

I would add that your offset can change within few hours.
I haven’t seen so great change but I know from some people that only after few hours on polished wheel that is just opened, the ball traveling time from particular speed may change by few seconds.
So offset gradually changes not by 5 or 15 pockets but by 100 or more.
Of course there are and wheels where it can stay the same for days.

That is why I promote dynamic way of play. Always observe distance in what you have as prediction and where the ball hits the rotor. Make it to be equal as average ball jump and observe it during the game. In other words if ball in average mostly jumps 12 pockets make sure that predicted number most of the time is 12 pockets earlier and that it keeps staying that way while you play.
More accurate system of prediction we have, give us better control and we can easier see if there is any change so we can readjust or stop playing.

Another problem is will the ball keep jumping 12 pockets most of the time under particular conditions.

Such change is harder to track on small amount of spins.
This way is much better then building a graph that consists just of prediction and final number? For such graph we need large number of spins and until we detect where the advantage is probably it already changed.

That is the reason why I added indication when the FF system expects ball to drop.
Knowing that system is very accurate if indicated time to drop stops to match real time when ball is dropping, parameters on the wheel have been changed. We can even see by how much. It is very useful on leveled wheel play.

On tilted wheel it is not required because if ball is still dropping at same place the only change is rotor, since rotor doesn’t move fast we can always see if the ball drops earlier or later from predicted number.