Question for user of roulette computers

Hello everybody i want to know how did you use roulette computer. If you use it only in tilted wheels or if you use too in leveled wheels.
How work in leveled wheels? In all casinos are tilted wheels?
Have you advantage in a leveled wheel?
thank for your answers.

Nobody ask me?? please any answers…

Nobody answer me??please any answer…

First you need study, study and study…

Observation wheel about 50 or 100 spin you can know if it is tilted or leveled wheels. If 80% of spin drop on 1 diamond that is realy tilted.

Then you only setup roulette computer (selecting options system to use)…

And good luck!

Roulette computer from forester are program with 5 or 6 system, every system is good for leveled or tilted wheels, only select it on menu.


If you use it in casino do you play level wheel or tilt?

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Forester: i have a question i dont want to sound stupid with that , but if ffz can predict when the ball will touch a diamond, and when the ball will touch another with this velocity, we can choose any diamond and play only if the ball will touch it ,is that correct?if the jump of the ball is predictable and there is no rolling and we havent a dominant diamond we can play too, if we choose a diamond and we play only when the ffz mark that the ball will touch it.?? thank you for your answer , next month i will buy a ffz.

Only in theory as some others might suggest but the reality on the wheel is very much different. You may have only 40 ms differences in between ball speeds to hit one or the other diamond. That’s predicting 5-6 rotations to the end of spin.

Predicting a bit earlier the time difference might be reduced to only 10 ms. It means we would have to set the computer to get ball in between example 700 and 710 ms. Since errors in clocking the ball are close in values it would be pointless to do it.

On top of that even if the ball is within the range it has sensitive remaining 8-9 rotations to go where anything can happen on the ball track. For example 700 ms ball once can travel 8 rotations and next time it might be 8.5. Waiting for one in 4 rotations to play expecting hit on a particular diamond where due to errors and ball track deformations so big deviation is possible, can’t be very smart way to play.
Don’t believe everything you read on net.

Thank you forester for your answer, i have an idea for making bets, in a leveled wheel it can predict in which half of the plate the ball will fall?, can we know in which sector the ball will not fall?can we know it the most of the times? if we know that , only a sector of two pockets we are in advantage and we can made only security bets, betting on all the plate and taking out this selected sector after the prediction, winning all the time,it could be a bigger sector maybe 5-6 pockets,