Question for roulette advantage players

I would like to know if anybody have advantage on leveled roulette whell by using visual prediction.

[sub][sup]would like to know if anybody have advantage on leveled roulette whell by using visual prediction. [/sup][/sub]

Yes but not 5 revoloutions out. I asume that when you say level you mean that the ball drops equally from all diamonds which is not always the case with a level wheel.

It also depends on the run in the ball track. If the wheel produces “hangers” ,as in Monaco, you won`t get any predictions. On the other hand, some Huxleys produces some predictive decellerations which means that you at an early point, NOT 5 revoloutions out, can get a grip of where the ball will fall, enough times to produce an edge.

So its not a question you can answer just like that: YES i can beat a level wheel or NO i can`t.

That is why there is space to explain it.

If I understand you well reading in between lines I think you are playing leveled wheel if it has some kind of tilt and trying to get advantage on that way.
If it is not 5 rotations what it is? :slight_smile:

A complete level wheel with hangers is impossibly by eyes. With computers, maybe, depending. But im not going there.

A slight tilt helps. If you then can add a predictable ball decelleration, you got even more info on where the ball drops. Enough to get an edge and sometimes the 2 things together works just as well as just 1 - 2 strike diamonds. But we are down below 4 revs out. Can be done 4 revs out and to some extent also 5 but the edge drops rapidly from 4 out and is on some wheels the farthest out you can go.

In my experience that is.

I am not sure about this but it was my impression when I played few times slightly tilted wheel with no device.

When ball hits where I want it was matter of scatter, I played right where it hits diamond.
But for some reasons when my prediction was wrong the ball passes diamond goes to next one or even more, most of the time that ball travels longer and across rotor with higher chance to stop where I placed bets. So if I predict ok and ball instantly stops I win and if I miss and ball rolls in usual reaches my sector or around.

For example of 20 spins I may get 10 correctly predicted but ball stops on my sector only 4 times. From remaining 6, after rolling additionally one more may stop.
From 10 missed spins where ball rolls more I may get 3 hits even prediction is wrong, so it makes total of 8 hits.
This is only estimation, after playing few times that is my impression.
It looks to me the power may be not so much only in 2 pick points but how they overlap with good prediction and bad prediction.

If you analyze the scatter patterns in categories of strike types you will find for example double strikes (horizontal and then vertical and then drop) produces all kind of scatter lenghts from +2 to + 28. To get a grip on which one is more likely to do one thing rather than another, you need a “gut feeling” with basis in the ball decelleration and speed. A slow ball with not much force will slam into the second diamond and drop where a fast ball will snip the top of the second diamond and roll on for another 1/2 a wheel. At least.

And so goes for all other strike types. When you get your prediction, make sure it is far enough out to allow for an adjustment after 1 more full ball revoloution where you focus on the type of ball speed you have. Its not something you can measure your way out of, its a simple gut feeling that gives you an idea of how much scatter to add.

If i use timer with VB i can know strenght of the ball but with plain VB that i use i can’t.