Question about FFZ

When i look at the video of FFZ predictions,its very easy to see where the zap is(at the number)couse i take as indication the distance from zero.

but in my country the casinos weel have problem with zero.

1st the zero isn t bright green
2nd the ring that is down of the number pockets is also green like zero and when the rotor is moving…u can t separete easy the zero from the other numbers…

so my question is this…

if u can t see where the zero is …can u see where the zap will be???

or we must have zero as an idication???

Of course that you do not have to see zero.

We use zero and ball position only with peripheral vision so we do not have to look numbers.
When I see zero and ball position in relationship to zero I exactly know which number is under the ball. I do nto read number.

Alternatively you just transfer your site to ball and read number. You will probably be late 2-3 pockets but who cares since that delay will be ~constant.

thank u so much Forester…u always reply with full explanation

And FAST :wink: