Qualifying & Identifying Wheels

gkd & Co

I can’t find the post I promised to reply to so I’ll put my response under this new thread…

I agree with each of your four conclusions and I like your methodolgy and analysis
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I think the terminology is a greta idea. I’ll add some the seperate post you started when I get more time.

I try and pick out the “Wheelhead Impact Number” as if it did NOT hit a diamond and include any diamond effect in the “Scatter Distribution”. In theory using the drop point should make no difference as the drop characteristics will be taken care of in the offset, however, visually assessing the drop point is far more challenging in practive than the impact point to my mind.

In terms of the number of spins to assess a wheel tilt, a practical rule of thumb will be useful to agree. Unfortunately statisical confidence levels to avoid false conclusions are another thing and demanding in terms of requiring lots of spins and having accurately recorded spin data. Its not ideal but I’m working on video data with known levels of tilt to create statistical models for now. Of course is a wheel is highly tilted then that data burdon is eased significantly, its the grey area from level through intermediate tilt that is difficult.