Professor Mark Anthony Howe - Another SCAM!


Firstly I’m not interested in either Roulette nor Roulette Computers!

I’d just like to say that I recently purchased a piece of workshop machinery from Mark Howe, selling under the ebay ID marklovesali

His ebay advert was actually copied from the Microproto website and the actual machine was not as described, was a much cheaper version, approx £50 in value rather than £500.

When I posted on a cnc machining forum about this item, a recently joined member posted a reply in defence of the seller, with a rather unpleasant and incorrect account of the details of the sale. Later a second forum member joined in with a fairly heated attack, this seller was supposedly from the USA, but was in reality the same Mark Howe, impersonating two different people! He was immediately banned from that forum!

A google search revealed that Mark Howe also operates another scam! Selling roulette computers! A quick look down the list of feedback and the name ‘marklovesali’ crops up a couple of times! It looks like our chum Mark Anthony Howe can’t sell anything without resorting to dishonesty and carrying out some kind of underhand scam!



well, you should come here earlier. you will know mark

Looking further into this Mark Anthony Howe or David Milnes (one of his other previous names) it sounds like I got off lightly!

The amazing part is that…

…I actually got a partial refund! Only £30 for something unrelated but I still got stung to the value of about £400 in value! Maybe that refund was sign that there is a small heart inside that thieving cheating and scamming body of his!


Probably not!


I think i am still normal, but when I see what is going on around i become worried for my health. :-\

Anyhow atleast I’ve got emails from BOTH marklovesali and roulettecomputers (Two of Marks Ebay ID’s) that I paid HIM the cash when I collected the machine from HIM!

Proof that he buys his own feedback from Himself!

I’m pretty sure that the Ebay ID nanny200841 is him too. nanny200841 even has feedback:


And if you look at the feedback on ‘PROFESSOR’ Mark Anthony Howe’s website

most of the other customer feedback reviews are ‘PRIVATE’ sales

glglove1116 ( 3 )

28-Dec-09 09:04-Private

Unbelievable, won money last night, £650 Amazing roulette computer AAAA++++++++Buyer:

Probably an auction with a 99p Buy It Now price sold to a member of his family or friends!

Just to underline the fact that Mark Anthony Howe has something to hide, he has just changed his Ebay ID to





gadgetguru 21-Feb-10 Present
marklovesali 29-Nov-09 21-Feb-10
ali-heath-cook 05-Mar-09 29-Nov-09

Other Ebay accounts he uses:

roulettecomputers 21-Sep-09 Present
exceptionalcurves 14-Jan-09 21-Sep-09
nichetools 07-Oct-08 14-Jan-09

Mark Anthony Howe has started sending derogatory emails from his ebay account to me too now - some of an offensive sexual nature.

Some people huh?

Geeze - why did I ever buy his 2nd hand **** in the first place when I could have purchased elsewhere and had a warranty and customer support!

If you spend some time here you will learn to ignore it.
Most members here are tired of complaints.