Probability question

Is there anybody that could please tell me what is the probability of winning 132 units in 96 spins assuming it is a 100% random roulette wheel? Betting 20 numbers on each spin.

Well i assume you are asking the probability to win 132 units or more? Winning exactly 132 units is
96Choose57 x (20/37)^(57) x (17/37)^39

If you win, you win 16 units, if you loose you loose 20units.

Inorder to win 132units, you have to win exactly 57
Spins and loose 39 spins as 57x16 - 20x39=132 units. The 96Choose57 comes from the combinations of this winning 57spins and losing 39spins happening.

If you wanna do winning 132 units or more for a random wheel,

Lets do the maths, lets assume european wheel
Probability of winning is 20/37
Probability of losing is 17/37

Assume you bet 20 units on each spin, 1unit on each of the 20 numbers,
When you win, it is +16units
When you loose, it is -20units

Winning 132 units in 96 spins, we can do a calculation using the above.

Hint: using binomial
Lets assume n=amount of times you win and 96-n the amount of times you loose.


Therefore, you have to win 57times or more and at the same time lose 39times or less. You just have to add this formula,
N Choose R × (20/37)^(R)x(17/37)^(N-R)
For R of values 57 all the way up to 96

Hey there! The probability of winning 132 units in 96 spins on a 100% random roulette wheel, betting 20 numbers each time, would depend on the specific odds of each bet. It’s a bit complex, but you’d need to calculate the odds of winning for each spin and then figure out the overall probability ...

Well the probability of winning is just 20/37 and loosing is 17/37 for a random wheel.