Prediction and Roulette Modern Wheels

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Hey, forester, when i joined this forum , i was always interested in the type of wheels to be played, your ff computers no doubt turn the hoouse edge into our favour, but i was just wondering would it be possible for you to assist in deciding which wheel to play? or what to look out for when we do play ANY particular wheel??

for instance the commagh, however u spell it, its knows for its scatter. but however there are john huxley wheels and then there are automated wheels, i personally do think automated wheels, with low scatteer, consitent ball and rotar speed and a resonable tilt and bias give you alot higher edge then others, we would really appreciate your expertise and help on this topic.



For ff is same on which wheel is applied.
It goes by physics using factors which can be measured and calculated.
The FF will be close to 100% accurate if there are no additional factors, which are out of control.
That doesn’t go by wheel type, but it is individual for each wheel.
You can have same wheels and on one get good results on the other one result could be bad.
The reason for that are deformations on ball track which is obviously related to wheel edge. Also in real game vibrations on table, change in wheel tilt…etc…

Ball bouncing on some wheels is higher, because of particular design. But again it is not specific. It is player’s responsibility to define it.
Recently I talked with a friend, he sent me data. There wasn’t much in there only a slight advantage. It was an automated wheel which was even smaller in diameter. After looking it I told him look for wheel’s tilt. He was sure it was leveled. Next time he looked more for tilt and found out that one diamond have had 50% hits. Prediction to point where the BAL would hit rotor was ~ 1:6. Diagram of ball scatter on that particular wheel showing possible 43% advantage across 12 pockets. Which means that he can have all of it?

I can only confirm that FF will not provide advantage worth playing on some wheels in Italy because of wheels very specific design. Because I know that one team went there and couldn’t do anything.