Predict roulette new computer

It looks as Mark Howe come up with a new roulette computer, similar to FF’s .
On the board I can see a microcontroller and on top it looks as clocking switch and small RF module for radio communication.

Not sure how wise is to print on the box what it is?

At least it’s not just another Java application for mobile phone; this might be some serious competition and that’s always good.

Anyway, well done Mark!


"Win at roulette and join the professional gamblers who make a living beating roulette every day-by taking a simple small discrete gadget( Roulette Computers) into the casinos that fits discretely in the palm of your hand or pocket and can also be linked to the worlds smallest invisible hearing aids! "

have you tested it

Without testing it I’m sure it’s a scam because Howe is a scammer!

Is there anyone who has tested it, in order to take away all doubt? :slight_smile:

I may ask him to send me one for free to give my review on here but I don’t think he will accept.

2 years ago (in 2010) this scammer didn’t send me a product after it has been paid from me!

He picked up my western union payment after few minutes that I made it (what starving!!), but he never sent me the shipment tracking number (I think he never shipped anything).

Bago, now do you still think that he would send you a free product to test it? :o

Recently someone told me that he purchased it. Then sent it back since it didn’t work, on the end he didn’t receive money back because the seller claimed that he didn’t receive it. That’s the story from someone who doesn’t have FF , in such cases I stay reserved.

So wait… You’re telling me that all I had to do was take a few circuit boards from old cell phones and take pictures of it with a chopped up earbud and people from all over the world will wire me money? DAMN! I’m in the WRONG business!!!

BTW Forester, I think your +12 Karma is a little biased.

Lol, I even do not look such things.
Wondering who gave you -4, I do not remember you said anything wrong.

I have a couple theories. Either the scammers, or Ken. Lol! I sometimes just assume people hit the wrong button by mistake!

Well , we arent worth anything until we get atleast a -1 in our karma :smiley:

Hahaha! It’s so true!

Is there same video sample??? are they programing on Microchip plataform???

Because I´m trying to program samething in freescale platafrom but toooo slowly ^^ ??? It´s too dificult and I haven´t free time :slight_smile: I´m using a MCF51JM128 with usb bootloader for begin to load my test.

The best is FFZ-T, or mmmmm FFZ-Acrobat ^^ in the future… ;D

It would be easy for someone to write own program in C of the FF.
After idea all he needs to know is;
How to get time from 4 timers and how to reset them.
How to read input switch and how to call outputs.