Pneumatic roulette

Hi to everybody.I have found a pneumatic American roulette in a country house next to me that it allows to aim after the ball has been thrown (with FF he plans to 10 - 9 turns before the ball falls).Do you believe that can be played with a certain safety or there is the risk to be defrauded?

well my friend,you must decide that

good luck,come back with details,data etc :-*

but with tilt/ DD,you/ he SHOULD DO WELL :-* :-*

Hi.I have noticed 100 spin.When I make the statistic calculations I dispatch it.However what I fear is that the software that the manage the bets is made in way not to make to have an advantage therefore the data that I will send I don’t know how much reliable is considering that I was not bet.

ok,try to be a little more clear,

your obvisouly useing a translater here

ok good luck :slight_smile:

The pneumatic roulette is destined for operation in casinos and gaming halls.
Full automation of the ball shot process and the win number identification enable «Mysterion» operation in non-stop long run work mode.

thank you

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