Playing roulette with Kelly's - Crogirl progression

This may be interesting, how I played my visual prediction and managed money.

According to formula and my expected advantage I should play about 7% of bankroll.

It is hard to play always 7% so after few winnings at start I divided my chips in to 10 groups. Starting with 6 units and to every next group I add extra unit.
So my last group at start was about 12 units. To follow fully Kelly’s progression I should have a bit more groups but I consider playing less then 6 units pointless.

So I take last group of 12 units and play. How I was winning I was adding more chips to each group. It was god because I could always see how many groups I have. At one stage I lost 6 times in a row which left me with 4 groups. Next spin winning did compensate for losses of all 6 spins so I was back with 10 groups.

Crogirl component in all of this was that she took all big chips that I received as winnings. Well I couldn’t divide all chips to 10 groups if I do then I would have to increase chip value or I will be playing 60 units per spin, which I wouldn’t be able to place in time.

Female component in Kelly’s progression is funny but actually is smart, because some percentage of wins is not involved in game but it is saved, and in case if I lose additional 6 or more spins in a row it will not be loss of all profit.

I did not play for long because we had to go for dinner, so last few spins i grouped all chips in 4 groups, to play harder. In 4 spins I had 3 wins but none in center of played sector, so I got only money back. I placed 40 units in pyramidal shape across played sector and win only 35, if ball ended 3-4 pockets more it would be 5-8 units there.
Anyway it was time to go so I finished with 400 units profit, which is not bad for about one hour of play.

If I was using all bankroll divided in 10 groups (with increased unit value) sure that profit would be greater, but that is only for this particular case. Anyway I think 10 groups is not enough if I was planning to play for longer, so removing some money from bankroll was good idea.