Players / casino ADVANTAGE

In talks i noticed that many peoples who try to play not know how to calculate if advantage is their side or it is in casino side. Especially who plays systems or use some trigers ( not know what mean that word in roulette ).

So how to calculate advantage , especialy ask peoples when they in diferent spins cover diferent amount pockets .
Really all is very simple you only must count how many pockets you cover in total.Say you cover in first spin 7 pockets in next 12 …next - 3 etc so you count total amout of covered pockets , no matter how many you bets on each pockets you count only pockets. The same you count spins in which you hited.

So finally you have one number = total covered pockets and other number - amount of spins in which was hits.

Say theese numbers are 326 = totally covered pockets and 10 = number of spins in which you hited.
So next what you must to do is 10*36=360 that amount of money which you have after covering 326pockets. so then ((360/326)-1)*100%=10.4%.

That is very simple but not so acurate method to count if you have edge or not but even it is good enough to know what you play.

Later will write about other way.

It’simportant. Thank you , Bebedictus. Waiting for other post ;).

So now i will talk about other way to notice in short time if we have advantage or not.

This method we can use only if we predict similar to VB or RC way - so when we predict distance which is left after some moment.

I will not talk separately about ball way and wheel way - we can split all that like we want , but i will talk about distance which is ball distance + wheel distance.

So lets imagine that our prediction is always 0 on european wheel. After we predict we know distance which is left, VB player know how many rounds is left for ball and acordingly wheel speed he knows how many rounds is left for wheel. When we play with RC - program knows exact distance in pockets which is left.

Naturally ball usually land not in zero , so not in predicted point, but do longer or shorter distance. We easy can notice diference of distance. So if we will write theese diferences in distances we will get some number row as -7;+12;+2;-6…etc.
That row we can write from smalest till longest. Then say we have row from 50 numbers where minimal diference is -23, maximal diference is +32 so total disperssion is 56 pockets. Say we bet usually15 pockets.

So we have 50 spins and we can look which place in distance of 15 pockets haves bigest amount of hits . Say -17 +/-7 have 3 hits but +5 +/-7 have 25 hits. So we can find best center for 15 pockets which have most amount of hits.

In mine example when center is +5 and we have 25 hits - we can calculate our advantage what will be if we always will be +5 pockets in front our predicttion.

50spins . 5015 (amount of numbers which we bet )=750 that amount we totally betted.
Hited 25
36=900 ((900/750)-1)*100%= 20% what we can maximally have if we bet 15 pockets as one spot.

Naturally when we play we not know initially that we must bet +5 pockets so we some time maybe will bet on other center . That not means that we will have less edge, because sometimes we can simply guess, plus sometimes center of beting can changes stabily and go say from -2 till+15 what say give us mathematical center+5 in all 50 spins , but say infitst 10 spins best center was -2 in second 10 bes center was +1 and so on and this way we sometime can have much bigger edge than averidge.

So all that can be , but unfortunatelly usually will not be. And one more what i now calculated is calculating edge after spins are played.

In play we do all oposite - we must calculate, edge in front so we must from small amount of spins decide what will be in future.So we must be like some metereologists which predict weather to future…

good explanation, I try to do something like that also in mine play sessions… even all this you say here sounds little bit as M.H. style! :smiley: :wink:

I mean this in not bad sense, a lot of things of his explanations I like as well - there’re true in that kind of his explanations, I support people who speaks true even if some bad public opinions about him, it doesn’t matter for me if some of the explanations fits with my logic I don’t have a problem to say it and recognize.

Main moment here is that from understanding how to calculate your advantage - is clue to understanding how you must play this game.
So we have final situattion and can ( if can ) to find way, how that final situattion change to best side.
Something similar - if we see builded house and it is builded bad - we normally see what is done bad.

When we see many times that bad house, and every time see where is problem, - we still must grow in understanding how to win…