Placing neighbour bets in the casino

Hello all

As I don’t have close friends who play the beautiful game of roulette ( more poker fans ) I’ve come to ask another burning question, I was due to visit my first casino recently but due to car troubles didn’t make it ( maybe an omen ) so am due to go in the near future but need to know when I spot the area where I think the ball will land how do I place an eleven pound bet to start, that is the number I think and five numbers either side ( neighbours ) what exactly do I shout to the dealer to place my bet ?
A very novice question I know but can anyone help

Thankyou Greenman

Well where I come from to make a 11 number call bet would be three call bets overlapping. That is because a call bet is actually the number you call and 2 numbers each side. So that gives you 5 numbers. So rather call two call bets and place a 10 number bet. I only call two numbers but make sure to overlap. So usually I cover +/- 7 numbers some with 2 chips on if you get my drift.


Saying that your brain has to be sharp on the layout to call the bets because you have to work out where it drops then call it -3 numbers to where you think it will drop then +2 numbers to get the call correct …
I’m other words if you think it will drop at 4 you have to call 32 then 2 to be right … Time will be short I think

You need to learn the layout cw and ccw by heart. I have no problems using call bets or placing neighbors. Sometimes I get a chip or two in less than intended but that is ok

Relearning it as we speak, it’s all there just got to shake off the dust, listen thanks again appreciated
Take it easy

Hi Toxic.

Did you learn by heart in order of the wheel or in order of the table.

Example number 0

in order of the Wheel: 0, 32, 15 then 0, 26, 3 for the other side.


in order of the table: 0, 3, 15, 26, 32 (easier to place on the table because not going left and right and left… to place bets)

You should memories the wheel, so you can tell neighbors in split second.