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Hello to everyone, I am new to the forum.
I write for first time in my life and I need some help.

I want to find Laurance Scott’s both books
I cannot find anywhere online Scott’s books.
Does someone has the books?
Thank you in advance.

Interestingly, you’ve never used a forum. I recently became aware that individuals born after 2000 did not know how a call signal sounds on a landline phone. :rofl:

Hahaha, I am 33 Forester :joy::joy:

For me always interesting why people want to get these books, but when got usually not read them :slight_smile:
And why, not try to find the real author of these books? In my understanding that will be logical, because if you are new in-game normally you not understand how to play, so who can better explain, than the author?

And these books are really old for nowadays play, I do not know who sucessed after reading them…
Plus they are written not like novels - quite hard them to read and understand, of course much easier than Basieux books, but still hard…

And maybe the main benefit of these books is the program for working with data, but in online variants, it usually does not exist. And if exists, the big question if not easier to create the program itself - to do what really you need.

I can teach you for free, dropped you a dm. P.S. doesnt need to read his book as it is incomplete

The essence lies in the evolution of things. Two decades ago, roulette forums could have as many as 100 posts per day.

I still remember these times :slight_smile:

so there are 2 logical explanation to this,

  1. these players quit as they cannot beat modern wheels.
  2. they don’t have time to go onto forums as it is very hard to win money and need a lot of time for analysis.

I think 95% of the players are the first reason and 5% are the remaining

I think everything is much simpler. I met many players also from this forum. even in simple situations they usually now knew what to bet.
So the problem is not in accuracy, not in reading books, the problem is in understanding game…

There is only 2 things you need in beating the game

  1. Knowing where the ball will exit the track
  2. How far the ball will travel after exiting the ball track.