Opportunity cost of playing roulette

I have spoken to a lot of friends and told them about roulette but they don’t seem interested becasue they have other stable sources of income and think that gambling risk is high while return is not guranteed. Friends whom i approached are actuaries, accountants, surveyors which logically they have the best chance to be succesful. Their wage is between 5k-15k USD per month.

I have spoken to also a lot of APs around the world not just roulette and their monthly income is less than 10k usd on average. I was shocked that most team players make less than 7k a month as taxi drivers in Hong Kong makes 5-6k a month and that construction workers here makes like 10-12k a month.

Personally, if I don’t make more than 50k a month in roulette per month, i ain’t playing it, that’s it becasue opportunity cost is high for me.