Online roulette - croupier spin vs time

:frowning: hello all !!

Have recently opened up a new account at a live casino here in England, same old routine sign up to see the place for how it really is.
Usual layout small wheel zooming ever closer as the ball starts to fall etc, my question is after getting a feel for the place and getting a rough feel for where the ball will land why does just about every casino online close bets before the dealer spins ?
Is it a technology problem that they haven’t figured out yet, that is too many people placing bets like in a casino up until the last few revolutions and perhaps having problems finalising those bets in time or basically is it just a better way to take punters cash ?

Burning question that’s all

Nb not meaning Db, thinking more of Hip in England

They can not see what you are doing, or what you are using, thats why nmb is befor. I tryed this casino ones, was thinking they have same wheels online that ofline… my mistake :D. Its good casino, dow, girls are borred as hell, sometimes ds works.