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Snow, i looket that wheel , used FFZ timer for vb2
come to 4k but then they changed NMB to earlier :-[


Can you believe someone at online casino asked me are you from
FFA cant’ do it because it needs to wait for rotor to come to particular position and there is not much time. Even with half rotor clocking it was too late.

FFZ which can clock rotor at any place and also 1/2 of rotor was ok, but also many times NMB

Then i used FFZ’s timer, set it to 1.8s and played VB2
It worked the best.
FFZ i used is my testing unit it also beeps, as on some videos I published

Theoretically I should be more accurate with FFZ/FFV but because of bad video quality i believe VB2 was better .

FFZ timers set to 1.8s
In that time reference for rotor was ~9 pockets ,¼ of rotation
Applied time at 5 o’clock diamond
Offset 0.

So for Jefra ;D
This is how to do it
Apply 1.8stime to clock rotor, check how many pockets difference form ¼rotor makes,
For each pocket extra that rotor makes you add 4-5 pockets extra in ball direction to clocking point for ball. Adding 4 is easy because you can look ¼ of the wheel as a full rotation of 37 pockets. For example in ref time of 1.8s rotor made ¼ +1/8 of wheel, so extra 1/8 is in middle of another 1/4 of wheel, it means add to 5 o’clock 18 pockets. (1/8 x 4=1/2=18 pockets)


Forester you here about that casino with XXXXX name ? If yes so what is your opinion about that wheel. You noticed that really in casino NMB is caled later than online NMB. So if you will play on that wheel not online but live. For me it seems very good wheel.


Yes that’s what I was looking, Jefra asked me to look.
Sometimes even with VB2 I am late. Can’t really choose when to predict but it’s more as asap.
Yesterday I tried your way as well using 4 sec for rotor it lookedok, just need feeling for ball differences.
Played for fun, made 4 k , last hour one more k.
I believe you can get it, would need a bit more precised scatter then what I do. I get ball drop more then 18 pockets in front.
The wheel is identical to wheels at GC here. Should avoid spins faster than 3.5s rotor.
Again someone asked me are you forester THE FORESTER.
Bad was to say are you testing some of your devices. >:(
I believe many forum readers are there.