Online auto roulette and myrulet computers

I am an advantage player thats makes his living through online casino offers and promotions. In the past I had read a bit about roulette computers but dismissed them as impractical. Recently I was reading up on Thorpe and I finally understood the basic theory behind roulette computers and why they work. The main issue for me was the fact that it required physical presence in a brick and mortar casino because thats where the dealers allow betting after the spinning of the ball starts. However during my regular play online I observed that several auto roulettes (with physical wheels obviously) allow betting quite a bit after the ball starts spinning. After researching online about roulette computers (I encountered some scammers like Hourmouzis and his one million websites but fortunately the forums warned me about it) I ended up in myrulet. This is my question. Assuming 6 or 7 revolutions before betting ends on an online auto roulette physical wheel (no dealer) can your computers or software give me an edge? I do not require a particularly high edge. Just knowing which one-third of the wheel or even which half of the wheel would be enough to gain an advantage. If the answer is yes, then would it not be better to have software instead of a physical computer for this particular application? After all, if its possible, then all the work will be done online and there is virtually no casino heat or need for hiding. Thank you.

First of all, roulette computer definitely works as it can pretty accurately predict where the ball will land given your reaction time is good. John jafco pred7x is a good roulette computer. However, just knowing where the ball will drop is not enough as you need to also know how far the bar will bounce under a certain rotor speed. Every wheel with different ball is different, this number can be 10,15,24,28,etc. For the yardage data, usually if you can take 100spins of data per ball direction, and you are only 3s.d. that it shows maybe 50% advantage, it is a good wheel. However, if you take 200spins of data and it only show maybe 2s.d. and only 30%advantage, even your ball drop accuracy is good, it is still a tough wheel. Roulette is not like other games like blackjack, “only” a 5 percent edge is very different to having a “5” percent edge in blackjack because it is sometimes -10percent, sometimes 15percent and the average is maybe 5 percent. Therefore, you need maybe a much higher bankroll than betting kelly criterion for 5 percent edge. For me personally, i would not play a wheel with advantage under 15% and i will avoid playing the bad conditions. With a 15% edge, you are expected to double your bankroll every 20 hours of play betting 1/2 kelly.

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I strongly doubt that your online wheel is beatable as if it is so easily, it would have been beaten. Please send me a link of the wheel if you don’t mind.

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Hello, thanks for responding. I am a complete beginner in roulette visual ballistics (this is the term for using eyesight or computer to make predictions yes?) so I have some difficulty understanding some of the concepts you described. You say the primary issue is how many numbers the ball will bounce until it lands (i assume this is the yardage data you refer to). But what are the 3 sd (standard deviations? compared to what exactly). Timing and gathering data is not an issue. There is plenty of time and i would be happy to gather a lot to be sure. Furthermore, this roulette being online has a history going back of 500 numbers at any given point if I so need it and I can easily log every two hours or so to check it. I also do not understand why you say a small advantage is no good. First of all I do not intend to play by Kelly. I intend to start (after timing, gathering data and actually having a computer) with the minimum bet of 0.5 euro using the configuration that allows you to bet on certain section of the wheel (I think its called voisin?). Slowly over days and weeks I will have played many thousands of spins and I should have a statistically signinficant sample, so if my money is growing it means I have an advantage. Then I intend to slowly increase the bet. I have quite a bit of capital in my disposal and I am in no hurry. 20 hours? Ha! I wouldnt mind doubling every month or so. Since its scalable time is not an issue because the big money will come much later when the bets get really big. But first I need to be sure I have an actual advantange. The way I see it, even 1 percent average advantage is more than enough for me to make tons of money in the long run( its what the casino does after all). Im not after quick profits. Just a new stream of gambling income that has the one thing my other methods dont have. Scalability.As for wheels. Look. There arent many wheels in online casinos where betting is allowed after the spin starts. Those i have found are automated and dont have a dealer. Beggars cant be choosers. But even one online wheel with a small advantage beats 20 wheels in brick and mortar casinos. It requires no travelling, there no heat, you are operating from your office, you can switch casinos or do gnoming if youre gubbed…thats a lot of advantages.Finally, you claim if it was so easy it would be already done. This is essentially the efficient market hypothesis but in terms of advantage gambling. And as Thorpe showed this hypothesis is false. For starters most players are not advantage gamblers. They play and lose, despite the casino edge being public knowledge nowadays (and measurable and even publicly stated by casinos!!!). For those that ARE advantage gamblers, most dont do it properly or only do one thing and not others. How many use the term advantage gambling for example and yet only do some bonus bagging which is a 20 year old trick? Or just some arbitrage betting, the simplest trick there is. Finally, who said there arent a few who already do it? They are just smart enough to stay under the radar. The online casino stuff arent exactly geniuses and if somebody makes too much money they just gub him.These are my general thoughts but as Ive said Im a beginner. What do you think? Is my philosophy about the whole thing wrong somehow? What am I missing? And if you believe I first need to learn more stuff about roulette mechanics before proceeding can you send me a link to some post/article that gives the basics? I did some brief research myself but most of the posts by Forrester require previous knowledge about roulette balistics.

The roulette in question (one of them anyway) is auto roulette la partage by evolution. Its a global roulette streaming to thousands of casinos so you dont need a link. Just check an online casino, they’ll have it.

  1. Small advantage is no good becasue you need data to show an advatange. Let’s say you found a wheel to have 10 percent advantage but it is 2s.d. only, meaning the wheel has a 5 percent chance that it actually is a random wheel and has no advantage but you think it has. However, for a wheel with higher advantage, you need less yardage data to show an advntage and a higher s.d. lets say 3 having a 30 percent edge and in this case it is only 1 percent chance that it shows an advantage even that the wheel is a random wheel.
  2. No one will play and stay under the radar unless no one can do what they do or very few can do what they do. Just think of game theory, other will bet bigger than you so you will also bet bigger.
  3. Just don’t give too much assumption. 1%edge is not enough, becasue you have a limited bankroll and that 1% maybe again sometimes is -10% and sometimes is 11%, just not like blackjack.
  4. While playing, how tired and how concentration you are also can decrease the edge.
  5. Sometimes the airpressure, how clean of the wheel might also change the advantage.
  6. Always play a wheel with minimum 15%advantage i would say

Did you check out the roulette I mentioned? What do you think?

Also you keep mentioning percentages of advantage. But I dont quite understand how we measure this advantage. My (rudimentary for now) understanding about roulette computers is that we use the ballistics to roughly find a wheel section where the ball is most likely to hit. Any suggestions about where to look to expand my knowledge? As in, a particular post for example. Thanks.

Very simple, advantage can be calculated by how spread out the bounce is. Lets say the ball jump 10 12 12 8 11 13 pockets, the advantage is high. However, if the ball jump 28, 12, 18, 8, 5 pockets, the advantage is low.

Those videos are fake. They are generated by AI. For live dealer, no more bets are called once the dealer spins the ball or before the dealer spins the ball. Also, if it is so easy, it would already have been beaten and casino would already countered it. I am pretty sure blackjack aren’t as easy as it was 10 years ago due to shuffle machines and continous shuffle machines.

Professsional players survive until now because they evolve and keep finding new loop holes when casino has new counter measurers. During the above process, many old players cannot keep up and therefore thinks the game is too hard.

For a professional player, he can adapt to counter measurers and find new bugs and consistently make money and big money as in millions.