Newbie question - Find particular revolution

Hello guys, nice to meet you! :slight_smile:
I’m new to this forum, 20 years old from Austria. And completely new to Visual Ballistics aswell.
So i am reading alot in all this threads and try to understand how the basics work.
At the time i want to learn how to find one particular ball revolution, but i don’t really know how to start.
Is it just observing, observing, observing and train my eyes for that one revolution.
Or do you guys have tips for me?

I already read about the knee point. Somehow i can’t see it in the video spins. Not sure if it is because it’s just a video.
Is it even possible to learn seeing a particular revolution with videos?
Hope u can answer this ;D

Simpliest way is to clock ball.
Nobody detect simply ball revoluttion - detect ball speed which belongs to that revoluttion.
For detecting speed you can use what you want - timer , methronom ,rythm count, speed count…
Simple that speed is time in which ball do some amount of revoluttions. VB players usually try to catch one ball rotattion.

Ok thanks,
So vb players always (or often) use the same revolution in their predictions? No matter which weel the are on? :slight_smile:

No, they use the same speed.

myrulet Vb2
doesn’t use same speed or particular ball rotation

Alright :smiley:
when the time they use matches the 5th revolution before ball drop, they use the 5th.
Also the revolution stays the same on a roulette wheel.
On another wheel it could possibly be the 4th before ball drop.

Yeah i read a bit about vb2
But i thought it would be better to learn the vb basics first.
Or can i start learning vb2 without knowledge