New warning against scams in Stefano Hourmouzis RC site

It’s fun!
The first scammer warns users against scams!! ???
He says also that soon he no longer sell any RC, for so long that he says that he must close the sale of the system and of its RC because he doesn’t have the time to assist all his customers.
But he is always there! Pathetic element!!

He is saying it for past few years.

The most miserable thing on his site is when he writes how some people I know from Croatia won big money in Ritz casino on roulette, than tries to associate it with his roulette computer. Wanting reader to believe if he purchases it he could win the same. He has no problem writing how he has thousands of players winning millions from casino, but he has to use videos made about Ritz team since he has no prove of effectiveness of his roulette computer and nobody ever wrote about his systems as success.

[size=12pt]"The easiest LEGAL way you'll ever find to beat roulette. Some players have earned as much as US$2,400,000 within 3 days with such devices. .."[/size]
[size=12pt]"Ritz Casino Mobile Phone group who earned £1.3M (US$2.3M) within days. Because the technology is LEGAL, the group was permitted to keep their winnings. Contrary to popular belief, roulette computers are actually LEGAL in most casinos..."[/size]

Notice how he renamed people and call them a “Mobile phone group”. They were called Ritz team since they won money in the Ritz casino.

People who know more, will never call them that way since they never used any roulette computer, especially not a mobile phone roulette computer, but purely visual prediction. He also knows it but he delibelatry manipulates people wanting them to believe they used a mobile phone.

Tasha is one guy from Ritz team who played there.
In his career he profited from roulette more than 10 million. He would never use any roulette computer. One other guy from same group of people even tested Stefanos roulette computer, trying to help young kid in Croatia which Stefano scammed for $5k. He asked me for help so the kid can get his money back.

Well, I honestly didn’t know how badly that will end since Stefano clearly was saying at his site he will refund anyone who can’t win with his computer. That’s was time when Stefano attacked me and started what he calls a “roulette war” writing on all his web pages how I am lying and how every single person winning with his computer. (Later on I learned that he is deeply involved in scam and that he was already sentenced for two years jail.)

He also started writing about the FF as a complete scam. It lasted until the FF was tested by Michael Barnett a casino consultant. Later on he had to change the story since it was obvious that he was lying.

More people stepped forward writing about his scam; then Stefano changed the story that there is some people who can’t win with his roulette system, but apparently its only few since according to him he has 200 players then soon after it was 800, then year after 2000. It was 3 years ago, so now probably he would claim 5000 players.

Stefanos Ritz team story really should be explained properly and simple. Then it would be something as this.

[b][size=12pt]Forester’s friends from Croatia have won big money at roulette.
I have similar roulette computer as Forester has. It’s not really a roulette computer but only a Java written program for mobile phone on an old Nokia Symbian platform. ( Java can run almost on any platform since it uses interpreter, but for that reason it’s very slow and not suitable for time measurements.)

As such it it’s 20 times less accurate and slower, hover it’s is about 20 times larger in size then FF roulette computer, therefore it is also 20 x more expensive. As you already know, when you buy lemons, more weight and you pay more.

Other Java mobile phone applications selling for few $ since it’s easy developed, but I want more then 10k because as you can see at Mark Howes site what my wife said about problems with money we have and anyway other people have won at roulette maybe you will as well.

If that convinces someone to buy, it would be a fair sale.[/size][/b]

[quote=“forester, post:2, topic:795”]Mark Howes site what my wife said about problems with money we have and anyway other people have won at roulette maybe you will as well.

If that convinces someone to buy, it would be a fair sale.[/quote]I totally agree with you Forester.Its the best RC ive ever seen.They do have a point there
I actually know guys how have won literally billions and billions of dollars with it.

Stephano and Howe have the same problem as I do - we dont need all that cash…when Im low on money i just pop in the casino and make a couple of billions in 3 days - easy money 8) thats what people cant understand…

My best move is actually talking on the mobile phone while clocking the rotor and the ball at the same time.Then when the prediction comes it just tells me on the speaker - bored of making money i have to joke around while im at it - thats how good it is.

My suggestion is that if you guys want to be a multi trillion gazillionair like me,then sell your house and divorce your wife so you can 100000x that amount in a couple of days and later just buy a new house buy a wife from victorias secret

This is all just a conspiracy that was made up from the casinos - telling people not to buy it and to stop guys like me from making billions.

God once called me while i was playing and thats the only time i missed

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A refund…why would you need a refund thats for the old model …
heres what the new model looks like and its only a couple of grand… the diamonds and gold alone are worth millions if you feel like selling it

He also said that it legal in casinos,of course it is… mines so good i use it while im driving.I dont even have to go to the casino anymore i just call someone thats in it and make predictions

Chuck Norris called me on it once and started convincing and telling me not to use it how he could make better predictions - he was so jealous obviously

He also said that it legal in casinos.
Very misleading information, roulette computers are not legal, especially not in UK after Ritz team.
Perhaps mobile phone Java application that he calls a roulette computer is legal, since casinos do not care for it. They call him a self-winding windmill.
Chuck Norris use his mobile as a door stopper.