New to Visual roulette prediction

Hello to everybody in here.

I am new entry in this interesting forum. I have been playing roulette for 3-4 years but always the traditional way, I mean using mathematical and statistical systems that in the end always fail.

I happened to fall on to some visual prediction methods being sold over the Web but ufortunately they’re far too expensive for me to buy! (especially in the middle of this Global economic crisis!!)

Is there out there a nice guy who would be willing enough to explain to me from the very start all the principles of how I can use a visual method to finally beat this damned “lucky” game??? But I stress again…I have no experience at all… Is there somewhere a clear newbie demonstration of how you people apply these VB or FF methods or…whatever else you call them ??? :wink:

I tried to watch the Viper’s videos but I didn’t understand a thing… Is there a thread where I can read the explanation of any visual method in plain English?

I would be really grateful, you’ll save a guy from economical disaster, I am in very bad situation without job and enough economic funds!


Thank you in advance!


Hey and welcome to the forum.

I’m no expert myself but I’ve been studying this site/forum for over a month and finally getting ready to purchase FFA.
The problem with VB and VB2 is it will work only on tilted wheels best. I have not heard of VB to be successful at a level wheel (unless maybe if you have crazy concentration and mathematical skills where you can calculate the speed, etc in matter of seconds).

Dunno where you’re located but you must actively search for a tilted wheel in your local casinos (or fly to different locations) to be able to use VB and it’s getting rarer and rarer these days to find one before the casinos re-level them.

If you have a grand or two to invest then check out FFA, FFV, FFZ (not saying you should just yet because you don’t have the understanding of how the roulette computers work yet but read through this forums as Forester (myrulet) as well as other members (viper, securutyman, etc) have helped a lot of people using these devices.)

Go to your local casinos and just stand there watching the dealer, wheel, table, etc, anything that would affect your use of using a roulette computer.

Basically, you clock how fast the ball spins by clicking a switch every rotation the ball makes until the computer gives you a number prediction, You then have to bet on the number AND its neighbours. So if the computer says 0, bet on 0, 26, 32, etc.
Of course you’ll have to see how much time you have after the ball is spun before the dealer says No More Bets, seeing if the wheel is level/tilted, being covert with the computer, adjusting the computer by adding offset depending on the ball scatter, etc.

It’s not easy and you still need to keep cool while doing all these procedures without having the casino staff getting suspicious.
The most important thing is not to get greedy if you’re winning since they will definitely ban you if you win many times in a row or leave with a large amount of chips.

Basically with the Roulette devices, FFA is the most advanced and used audio to tell the player where to bet. FFZ zaps the player when the predicted number is under the diamond where you are clocking at. FFV vibrates but does the same as FFZ.
For leveled wheel, use IQE6 and tilted wheel, use tilt2.

You’re definitely NOT going to hit the predicted number 100% of the time or even 50% of the time depending on ball scatter. That is why you bet neighbours (usually 5-12 from the predicted number).

Well, that’s all I can think of at the moment.
I’m sure Forester will come in and add/correct information and definitely will go into more detail. I pretty much just covered the gist of it.

hi holly

not bad ,but ,how do you base youre judgement, to this new lad ,

and where from??? as a new guy you seem to talk about FF devices as you own them, :-\ :-\ :-\ :-(mmmmmmm)

CONDITIONS is a must,then you will truely have a loong term edge

Haha I know :frowning:

I’m just trying to act smart. I’m pretty much just summarizing what I learned in in this forum.
I know Forester or one of you guys will come in and correct me if I’m wrong. I just said the basics so myTHOS will have something to think about and research before he goes all crazy and buys a random VB system or a random roulette computer.

One thing I do know is you should not rely on this for money especially if you’re in financial trouble as you will feel pressure to go to the casino every day and/or play until you win a lot of money. This is a surefire way to get banned (jailed in the US) if they suspect you of using a device.

If I’m wrong about anything I said, I would love for someone to correct me so that I don’t have a misunderstanding of roulette computers and FFA before I buy it.

Hey there Holyman…

First of all thank you so much for the info… I really appreciate!

Well, here in Greece the casino security guys seem to not be too strict, so if you’re a little bit careful using a roulette computer, they will not pay too much attention to someone who’s winning every now and then… they’d prefer to watch the impressive 1.80 blonde in the hot-short skirt who’ll pass right next to them! :stuck_out_tongue: LOL!

As far as for the FFA, FFZ, they really seem to be promising but for now I really cannot afford them, that’s why I was looking for something visual in the first place…

Two years ago a guy named Ahilleas (also from my country) posted an interesting method in this thread:

Well, his English is not so good but if you read it 2-3 times, maybe you’ll understand what he’s trying to say!
I have not tried this method yet but perhaps I’ll do it some time. May be with your experience, altogether we can improve it and transform it to something that is worth playing!

Anyway…when you purchase this Forester’s roulette computer and try it, maybe you’ll tell us if it really works and worths the money…

Then I’ll probably take a bank loan to buy it! ;D

Really… is there anyone who sells something like that second-hand and a little bit cheaper???
he is explaining basics of Laurance’s cross pattern, but he calls it dealers signature. :o
It is not related to DS at all since it doesn’t make difference did the dealer spin ball differently.

@Holyman007 nice explantion …thanks

Hey there guys…

…One more fool question…Are these predicting computers undetectable at the entrance of the casinos???..meaning the control check point at the casino’s doorstep (like the ones there are at the airports)… I mean if they are metalic or have metalic parts inside they should be detected, shouldn’t they?

…And then the “bip” follows and they search you and find the pandore’s box and they kick you out or what???

Where’s the secret catch?

Thanks in advance once again…

[quote=“MyTHOS, post:7, topic:480”]Hey there guys…

…One more fool question…Are these predicting computers undetectable at the entrance of the casinos???..meaning the control check point at the casino’s doorstep (like the ones there are at the airports)… I mean if they are metalic or have metalic parts inside they should be detected, shouldn’t they?

…And then the “bip” follows and they search you and find the pandore’s box and they kick you out or what???

Where’s the secret catch?

Thanks in advance once again…[/quote]

Hi MT,well yes sure they can be detected,like all metal objects on your person

keys,coins,metal buttons on your clothing,mobile phones,mp3 player …

list is endless, searching ppl before they enter a casino is definately not allowed in most parts of EU

only a body search would reveal where i carry mine,but i need it for medical reasons,or is it a mp3 player ,

i think you get the picture

are they allowed to search you the way I explained???

Ok, securityman, I get the picture and take you seriously…since your nickname stresses that you’re an expert in…“security matters”! :wink:

Something that hit me right now is…Are these things small enough to put them inside something like a keys holder and pass it next to the detector together with your keys and mobile??? :wink:

So, speaking about your device…what is the one that you possess? Is the voice, the zap or the vibration one?..and what about it’s efficiency?..Would you give me an average grade in 1-10 scale?

Or even better…how many times out of ten it predicts exactly the outcome number??? :wink:

Or… to be more specific…

How much money does it earn you per hour playing with 5$ chips???


And for last…How long did you need to train to obtain the experience to acheive this target?

Hope to not be too much demanding asking all of these! But I checked that the zap computer is something that I could possibly afford to buy and I would really appreciate some more info concerning these …dreamy “mp3 players”!

Thank you in advance!

I too am new to playing online roulette. Can anybody here suggest a good site to play on? Could you also tell me what kinds of strategies are required to play and win consistently?

If someone knows good online casino with live wheel where he can have an advantage, hardly that he would share it with someone.
Everything has limits.

Regarding strategies, many are described at this forum.

I was hoping that someone could help me :frowning: . Can you direct me to the links where strategies for playing roulette are discussed?

Click" Selected" from menu,
Read" sticky topics" or" Top Topics" on the right hand side from main page.

Playing Online Casinos is a waste of time.
I once made 2,000€ at, but because their wheel had a good tilt and the dealer Gosia (blond girl) was very consistent with ball and wheel speeds. I never encountered such good conditions again.

Conditions are easier in a local casino. You can do things you can’t at an online casino.

Or search" bago" and add minus (-stefano) " you may find interesting posts. ;D ;D ;D

[quote=“Forester, post:13, topic:480”]Click" Selected" from menu,
Read" sticky topics" or" Top Topics" on the right hand side from main page.[/quote]

hello i’m new to this forum and im new to roulette and i always lose :frowning: … i’ve looked for the basic strategies on this forum but i cant find any can some post a direct link for me please


whats the easiest and simplest technique of VB i can apply in a real casino? since im still learning … also roulette computers are out :confused:


You just need to learn how to count particular time in your mind (1.5 or 2 seconds). You can count fast in your mind 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. For me it is (in english) 1 sec +/- 10 ms. When I count 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5 - it is 1.5 sec +/- 10 ms for me. The rest of VB2 is simpler.

Traditional VB approach is much more complicated and less flexible. But you should learn the theory of traditional VB as well, because understanding of principles will always give you certain advantage in your learning process.

So you use head count - intressting as i find it very difficult to use longer strings to get accurate time intervals.
I test 123456789 fast and with some variations and it goes 100 to 200 ms wrong at the end.

My experience using other VB read that shorter count is more accurate and achieve Early or late 10 as error or should i say 10 to 20.
I also notice that the sound loops rhythm is crucial to get accuracy.


Using words i develop a jingle or song Fraze where two hard letters become the key thump with in it to keep a good loop.


This way some one can develop 0.9 1.0 1.1 and so on.