New system brainstorming


After communicating with others who also like roulette prediction, I come to idea to design the best system all together. With god brainstorming, we can solve some problems and come with the best solution. I will start this post and everybody is welcome. When we find the best solution, I will make software and assemble units.
Each contributor who would like device will pay basic price, or if someone only needs new chip will pay for chip and postage.
For start, let us first generate ideas, after that we can evaluate it and select which way we will go. The ideas should include system design, it can be based on my theory or any other that we decide together. Ideas what is the best way to pass information to player, how to use switch the best, which switch, how it should be packaged etc are welcome. Definitely that we will improve some solutions, I know it because I already did some improvements, thanks to users of my system. However, why not to go for more; more people involved will create more ideas.
We can even vote which way we like.
System designed that way will not be for sale to any other person. I do not want any more privileges then any other contributor.
In addition, any contributor will have access to same as I do software and hardware how unit is built. I started this now and it is up to you to comment even how we can organize this best. New system design will be in “Members Only” section so only registered members will have access. After some time we can make it closed forum.
I will specially invite some people that have great knowledge in prediction.


Inputting info to the device needs to be covert.

Receiving data needs to be decipherible and covert.

Minimum complexity inputting data, but on the whole, the more clicks you can get in, the more accurate the device will be.

Unit needs to deal with Air pressure and temperature, something most people tend to ignore because they cannot see the effects, these alter on a periodic basis, sometimes this effect can change the deceleration of the ball every 20 minutes or so. So the computer device needs to alter this while in play.

System needs to be able to beat level and tilted wheels like my roulette computer.

Prediction needs to be earlier on than late to avoid NMBs been called.

The system needs to be fuctional and be able to transmit to a second player if possible without the bettor having to look at the roulette wheel.

Device needs to be very small, or none existent on the person, eg transmitters like I use with my device.

The system needs to deal with all know parameters at any given time, all know types of wheels, balls, etc.


Mark …

Then come to join us in members section and we will together consider all of that, one by one, and how much each factor will effect prediction.

There exist, in my belief, cheap and reliable technology today which could make fabolous roulette predictions. Unfortunately for all here now, I will not reveal it until I’ve tested it myself. But it should encourage your hunt for such a device! Or new ideas about them I should say.

Unit needs to deal with Air pressure and temperature
Come ooooon! Do you have any data on how those factors you mention vary in casinos and what effect they have on prediction? To me its just small part of all that stuff which creates the variance in the predictions, and which we really don't want to get into by carrying around weather stations in our pockets...