New Roulette System - Is it a Scam or is it for Real!

Hi Forum,

I have just found this new roulette system at and I want to know what you guys think of it as it uses only flat bets, most systems that are scams almost always use progressions, they supply a cranky video as a teaser on there site to entice you, despite this though I have read on another forum a good review of this new system.

Can anybody help with this one?



Without progression you can’t recover loss, and progression leads to disaster.
If the system has nothing to change odds, there is no reason why it would be better then any other system. Since he claims to play online it is obvious that it can be nothing more then random game.

Try it is a land based (casino only) roulette system that really works.

Really , how come that only your system works? Why your system works, what makes it so different?

At youtube you wrote

"No computers work in a casino, in fact the casino will know if you have a device in your pocket."

Can you explain how would you know that?


roulette bankroll you spammer.

read “

looks SOOOOOO like your website.

any site which charges for a betting system/technique but does nothing to change house advantage i.e. 2.7 european wheel or 5.4 american wheel is complete horse shit.
Forester has stated this many thimes on this forum. Newbies can sometimes be susceptable to these “SYSTEMS”.

Hey I 've got one for you.

Before you go into casino hop up and down on one leg, not once, not twice, but thrice.
Make sure there is not a full moon, and if you see a black cat make sure you stick the lot on red. :smiley:

SAME ODDS, same house advantage.

Oh and another one " bet on every number except a select one or two" you will get 35 chips back for 34 placed. odds 35/34
or 1/34. oh if that number comes up your goosed

SAME ODDS, same house advantage.

House advantage is always the same if you do nothing to change it. Betting “systems” may work for a period of time for some.

If you want to try something a bit more plausable, give visual ballistics or dealer signature a go.

at least your being creative in trying to turn the odds in your favour.

Hi nlp2me,

I couldn’t agree with you more.

I have seen so many systems now, they are all utter rubbish, I learnt the hard way by losing some money to one of these snakes when I was still green. Not anymore, but they never stop, it seems there is a new “amazing system” every week to relieve us players of our money, I and many others are sick of these internet parasites, there nothing more than common thieves!!

I checked the vid and website,

Seems it’s just some fat ponce with a cheap vid of himself gobbing off about nothing remotely interesting, this scammer has obviously been to the Mark Howe school of rip off merchants because his vid and website are so bad it’s funny, especially the home made cheque that was “sent to him” by a “grateful” purchaser, bloody hilarious, you couldn’t make this up, this guy is obviously a complete moron, he’s definitely being tutored by Mark Howe!

My advice to Mr in the video is too spend any profit he gets from his scam on some liposuction followed by a strict diet, that means lay off the donuts fatso!

Now go and crawl back into the garbage where you came from and take that crap you call a system with you!!!


You are right.

I would say there are only few decent publicly known people on the net with solid product.

Perhaps we should get together make web page about trusted gambling web sites where each product listed on the site will be multiple tested from all contributors.

If someone wants to be listed there then he should stand up behind his words.

Barnett tried to clean up the mess about roulette computers, but neither Mark nor Stefano want to contribute under excuse that they do not want casinos know how effective their product is. Reality is that once you make system for public sale anybody can buy it. This fellow roulettebankroll would definitely come with same excuse. I am positive that much earlier then Barnett bought the FF some more people related to casino also bought it.

There is not enough of quality information; decent people do not spam the net.

So someone green most likely can come across Stefano’s roulette systems review site or similar Mark Howe’s scamming sites. With lack of understanding and wish to learn, it is most likely that he may be scammed because those sites are very manipulative.

I believe that every single $ should be directed to support real development and not scam.


This is a commendable idea but it will never work, gambling, more specifically roulette seems to attract the very worst in the human condition, it’s full of liars, thieves, scammers and every kind of nut imaginable, Mark Howe is right at the top of tree, if there was ever a person who needs psychiatric treatment it’s this sick fool.

The fact is every roulette system seller seems to have an agenda to scam as much cash from some gullible roulette players as humanly possible.

The roulette computer war never seems to go away between sellers of these devices and how much closer to the truth about the game are we while these wars rage on, I think you know the answer, IF you buy a roulette device you won’t get a refund, either because the device is truly effective and your are not entitled to one or like in nearly all cases, it’s totally ineffective and not fit for purpose, basically it doesn’t bloody work and you’ve been had by some thieving scumbag who’s dancing up the street laughing his face off all the way to the bank with your pile of cash.

Roulette is a precarious profession and more than ever a dangerous minefield for those who seek the truth about how to beat it, the problem is there is just too many mines out there to clear now, so it’s best all roulette players look after there own and watch there backs because basically no one else out there in roulette world is going to do it for you!!




Im gonna make one more comment then put this one to bed. (for me anyway!!) :wink:

There are credible people out there on the internet. And on this forum.
We know this to be true, or believe to our knowledge it to be true.
Spammers will always be there.
It’s unfortunate that people get taken in by scammers or spammers.
I am relatively new to, yet i had enough savvy to arrive here myself, after filtering through the mountains of other fake “WEBSITES” by other vendors.
I had the sense to search, and search and search, even using words like “scam” and “fraud” to see what popped up.
you need to be ruthless and ask these questions. (of your search bar!!) but watch out for mis-information.
After deliberating with my concience and sense, I decided not to buy from mark or stephen.(even if i wanted to i couldnt… too expensive)
Also the marketing STYLE should give scammers away immediately.
Watch out for credible “RATINGS” E.G.marking an unavailable product 10/10 and next one 8/10…this is the one they are probably trying to sell you!!!
There is much discussion about this activity all over this forum, I’m sure forseter is tired of repeating some of it!!
It is a discussion worth having.

I have found Forester to be a gentleman and credible developer.I wont describe him as vendor.

I dont know too much about mark howe personally except that I believe he has some grasp on roulette prediction.

He may be able to repair his credibility that was damaged, I believe he now publicly recognises Foresters achievements, so he has gone up somewhat in my estimation.It matters little though, I dont wish to buy his system.

In my experiences of online activity lately I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of credible individuals out there.

I also sell on ebay from time to time, which gives insight into who is good news and who aint!!

To summarise:


to get an idea of tactics used by scammers.

Dont rush into anything(MOST IMPORTANT)…



REGARDS :slight_smile:

This is worth visiting :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

<<<<A picture distracts from a thousand words so when you don’t have something strong to say divert attention with a picture. At least 50% will get distracted. Depending on how strong the image some may not even notice the missing signature>>>>

[b]Dear Roulette Player[/b],

I’m writing to keep you updated about the public
demonstration of my roulette prediction technology

My wife and I are due to have our baby on March 9th,
but there are some complications which may see the
birth induced earlier (kidney dilation). Whether or
not birth is induced earlier depends on testing done
in the lead up to the natural birth time, so birth may
occur before March 9th, but we won’t know if or when
this will occur until intermittent tests are done. So
the conference will not be in February as I previously
anticipated. Furthermore, after our baby is born, I’ll
be quite preoccupied for some time after. So I am
aiming to book the venue for around mid April.

Currently there are over 100 individuals who have
expressed serious intent to attend, so there will need
to be more than one demonstration - there will be
multiple groups of 10-15 participants. I plan to have
all participants apply at least the standard roulette
computer for themselves.

If you have serious intent to attend, please complete
the form at to
specify which dates in April you will be available.


Best Regards,

Stefano Hourmouzis
61 3 9737 6422 (Australia, 10 GMT, 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri)

PS - To know WHEN to expect a response, see

PPS - The one hour video demo of the roulette system
is at: ( 354 unit profit -
200MB WMV format).
The ONLINE CASINO video demo is at
See the roulette computer demo videos at

PPPS - Actual results of my system being applied on
real casino spins from
my players are at

1/1014 Doncaster Rd East Doncaster 3109 Australia

I received an email from Genuine Winner, and it is a good example how typical scam looks like.

This conference is already rescheduled 3 times. It is promoted as something important, as something which apparently many people from overseas will attend.

Yeah right, how someone can attend it if Stefano always 15 days prior to booked time cancels it. It just doesn’t have any logic, or perhaps Stefano Hourmouzis never traveled overseas so he doesn’t understand that if you want to go somewhere ticket booking must be done much earlier. Nothing matters to him, for more then a year he still promotes the conference.

The address that he lists as his office address doesn’t exist. When I wanted to come there he told me it is actually his old address but he refused to provide the new one. However he still uses the old address to look more convincing to “green” overseas people. Probably that isn’t even his old address.

It amazes me how much time he spends to create all those pages to promote his roulette computer or systems. But when asked to load $50 old phone with program (without all fantasy high tech equipment) so independent tester can confirm that his algorithms work he finds excuse that he doesn’t want casinos to find out how good his computer is.

From his ex customers I found out that Stefano sold more then 200 of his Genuine Winner systems. And by my free estimation it might be the truth.
It is more then $400,000 for few pages of rubbish written as a E-book which Stefano uses to promote as a system based on natural numbers in nature for which he discovered special meaning.

Stefano Hourmouzis also claims it is combination of all visual ballistic systems, including and Laurence Scott’s system. When I looked in to his GW system I did not find even single component from Laurence’s way of visual prediction.
For me it is hard to understand how someone can even think that he can win at roulette by collection 333, 666, or 999 results of spins, send it to Stefano and then he supposes to receive magic way how to play.

Physical parameters on roulette may change so rapidly that even if you are there with most sopshicated measuring instruments you may have problem predicting results. Average of estimations such as his system, applied with few days delay doesn’t have any chance to produce advantage.

$400,000 ended up in wrong pockets, I hope that additional $400,000 will not.


$100,000 GUARANTEE AND CHALLENGE: The guarantee offered with my system is unlike anything available elsewhere: If you or anyone (the “challenger” - whether a competitor, member of the public or purchaser) believes my system is ineffective, the matter will go before a legal mediator and details will be provided in a legally binding contract. If I fail to prove that my system is undoubtedly effective and PROVEN in the real casino environment, the “challenger” will be awarded $100,000 in cash. Submit

go to for more details on how to get your $100,000 cash money!!!

Site with fraudulent product, in usual promise everything with all kind of warranty.
It is created to scam people anyway, so it is obvious that it needs to have context of something convincing and what people want to hear.

I, and probably many of you receive every day emails with amazing offers.
One example is to get 1 million dollars just to help transfer money from some of the African countries. It looks very convincing.

Kind of friend of mine, who is already loaded with money, received such email.
He managed to talk with them on the phone.
He traveled there and they waited for him on the airport and accommodate him in hotel.
Soon after he found himself as a hostage. After midnight thought a toilet window he managed to run away.

If you look all roulette sites that are selling something, you will find out that only myrulet and Laurance Scott are not providing any warranty.

The reason is simple. Anybody with dignity and knowledge would know that wining at roulette is complicated task. The FF or his crossover patterns VB are only tools to help player to gain advantage, but how it will be implemented and how much it will benefit player is really dependant on player’s skill and under which conditions he applies it.

Some roulette wheels simply are unbeatable, because randomness of ball scatter is so high that we simply can’t define where the advantage is, or the ball failing point doesn’t keep any relationship to measured ball speed.
Stefano Hourmouzis and Mark Howe both are claiming to get advantage on any kind of wheel. It is for you to decide is that statement ridicules or they really selling the magic wand.
Neither of them is willing to refund money to unhappy purchaser as they were promising prior to sale. Stefano promising 200% refund. When I interfered to get only 50% for 6 of his ex customers he insisted to give him all 6 names. I gave him one and he instantly blocked his phone. For few months he was denying it but now he explains it as it is his low and that’s was the reason why he blocked guys phone. By Stefano, owners of his computer are not allowed to talk to anybody about the computer. For me it is natural that someone who invested in such product if can’t get results and if can’t get help from Stefano would try to find help from someone else.

Why all those promises if they don’t deliver them?
The answer is simple.
It is because they know that they run web site to scam people.

First of all you idiot, my site looks nothing like that site. Also there are a lot of sites that have some degree of layout that looks the same… If you were smart you would know that a certain layout sells the product. Haven’t you been to any seminars? Also for the record this is a Roulette review area. How can I be spamming. And one last thing, with my system like many others there is a disclaimer, not everyone is guaranteed to win a million dollars but if you play the system your chances of winning in a land based casino are far greater then playing online like a dumbass and giving some java script your money. I can write a random java script in 15 minutes that will pump out 100 numbers in a consecutive order (anytime I want within the randomizer) and that is simply what these online games do. Also my system is for a single 0 or a double 00 table. When you join and get the method goto the casino and play it… Then report back to me and tell me how you did.


roulette bankroll you spammer.

read “

looks SOOOOOO like your website.

any site which charges for a betting system/technique but does nothing to change house advantage i.e. 2.7 european wheel or 5.4 american wheel is complete horse shit.
Forester has stated this many thimes on this forum. Newbies can sometimes be susceptable to these “SYSTEMS”.

Hey I 've got one for you.

Before you go into casino hop up and down on one leg, not once, not twice, but thrice.
Make sure there is not a full moon, and if you see a black cat make sure you stick the lot on red. :smiley:

SAME ODDS, same house advantage.

Oh and another one " bet on every number except a select one or two" you will get 35 chips back for 34 placed. odds 35/34
or 1/34. oh if that number comes up your goosed

SAME ODDS, same house advantage.

House advantage is always the same if you do nothing to change it. Betting “systems” may work for a period of time for some.

If you want to try something a bit more plausable, give visual ballistics or dealer signature a go.

at least your being creative in trying to turn the odds in your favour.[/quote]


You come in here trying to promote your 5.00 piece of crap… No one wants your 5.00 piece of crap you moron… don’t you get it- - if you come in here begging to give somethinig away for $5.00 lousy dollars - - - THAT MAKES YOU A LOW LIFE BEGGER. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU…

If Your system actually worked, you wouldn’t in here begging to give it away for $5.00 - - because you would be to busy making millions and millions of dollars with it.

Look, despite what people say, there is definitely a way to make money online playing roulette. YES. You have to use progressions! YES. That CAN lead to disaster. But I have a strategy I used years ago and won a bit of money. It’s not strictly mathematical and it doesn’t rely on the gambler’s fallacy that a number is due to hit. I walked with $700 dollars profit in two or three days playing only about three or four hours total. This was after I lost about $1000 dollars due to progressive collapse. So at a time I was up $1700. Due to Back then, the illegal nature of online gambling, I can’t play anymore right now which explains my lack of money stacks, however in the practice mode, I’m making anywhere from $500-800 US/hr…ROUTINELY!!! (Note, I’ve been playing on a UK site so I’m converting pounds to dollars. $500-800 US translates roughly to 250-400 pounds UK.

I’ll explain my strategy only a little bit here. Basically it involves placing multiple progressive bets but at the same time you want to avoid having to complete all the progressions. So what you do is place $4 on each six number bet as follows: 7/10, 13/16, 19/22, 25/28, and 31/34. Leave the 1/6 empty. This amounts to a $20 bet total. Now spin the wheel. You’ll notice that every time it lands between 7 and 36, you win $4. Traditional martingale strategy would tell you that if it landed on, for instance, the number 11, that you would decrease the 7/10 bet to one unit (in this case $1) and increase the other four bets to the next progression. Well, with my strategy, you just keep spinning until the ball lands on 0-6. The more consecutive times it lands on 7-36, the better. Only once it hits 0-6 do you start treating each bet as a separate bet with its own separate progression. Due to the consecutive $4 wins, you can afford not to close all the progressions and still have a profit. You must track profit ONLY. That is all that matters. If it lands on 0-6 on your first spin, your out of luck and must close 3 or 4 of the progressions then try again. Room does not permit me to explain the whole strategy (I haven’t even explained the half of it) but I hope I’ve explained how the progressions disaster could potentiall be avoided. You don’t want to do progressions on even bets because the numbers climb too fast. If you play on the 2:1 or 5:1 bets, your progressions climb MUCH slower, allowing more time to hit. Write me if you have any questions.

On 30 spins you will win 30 x $4 =$120
And you will lose 7x $20 = $140
Every 37 spins in average you are down by amount you played per spin, and in this case it was $20. After losing $20 with progression you can’t get it back because you are playing another 37 spins where average is the same.

To get $20 back now you need to play $100 per spin or $20 per line.
You can close few lines but then and your chance to win that spin decreases.
Manipulating amount played per line takes you nowhere since all lines are same to you and each one is playing against same odds.

In the case that 0-7 comes again you are down by additional $20-$100.
You can’t get it back by playing 5 lines and winning $4 if one of 30 covered numbers comes.

Forester is correct… that will not work… however if you were to invest in the FFZ or FFA or FFV you should be able to identfy with a high degree of certainty WHICH 7 NUMBERS have very little chance (if any) of receiving the ball… then you will make $4 per spin until the cows come home… and your 7 bogey numbers WILL NOT occur in their expected probability… the difficulty is (unless you are a savant) the 7 numbers least likely to occur will be different each and every spin… ;D

… you will need 2 players (minimum) to place the bets if you are to persue every consecutive spin.

… anybody disagree?


Hello , We dont must give “air” to these “piiiiiipdiots”. We have work to do. :slight_smile:

Woooo , what made you to write a post.
Maybe, Spain - Germany 1:0 :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: