New roulette forum

It looks as some old VLS members trying to make new forum far away form Stefano.

Hi All,
Is there on the net any Serbian forum devoted to AP?
From what I’ve heard the Serbian AP players are very skilled and they even have some sort of a AP “school” they attend - figuratively speaking.So maybe there is forum(s) where they discuss all kind of stuff related to AP?

Da ima velika koncentracija AP igraca u Srbiji.

Poznati tim koji je pobijedio veliki novac u Ritz casinu su dva Srbina koji zive u Hrvatskoj.

Nevjerujem da oni imaju javni forum jer oni bjeze of javnosti.

Beogradska tehnika pogadjanja zvana vrazije oci je ubit vizualna predikcija.
Puno treninga puno trazenja gdje se moze, zelja za riskom, ulozene vece svote, udri dok moze I to je to.

Nisu oni koristili nikakovu tehniku.

Thanks,Forester :wink:

To have a high concentration of AP players in Serbia.

Famous team that has won big money at the Ritz Casino, the two Serbs living in Croatia.

Not believe that they have a public forum because they are escaping of the public.

Belgrade haggling technique called the devil eyes kill visual prediction.
A lot of training where a lot of searching can be, the desire for risk, lodged larger amounts, can I play it until it is.

Are not they use absolutely no technique.

All wrong
“Nisu oni koristili nikakovu tehniku.”
“Are not they use absolutely no technique.”
It should be, they did not use any technical devices.
Even word " absolutely" shouldn’t be there.

I typed in wrongly
“ubit” in translation is kill
Ubiti is also kill but
“u biti” means “in reality, in the core of something”


What does AP stands for ?

Advantage play
Advantage player

It includes
Visual prediction, DS dealer signature, Biased wheel

It doesn’t include genuine winner system, since it is based on golden spiral found in nature that only Stefano discovered. ;D