New in this furom

Hi guys ,

I’m new in this furom and this is my first time I’m writing here.

I have been playing roulette for years and most of the time losing , searching the net for
Some information i found this furom , its very interesting and helpful.

When i try to view the VB2 i got this massage : The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

Thanks for reply ,

Wish you all the best,


Hi forster,

I want to clear some point :

This the only forum i have registered to , i never thought that there is forums exist for roulette play .

When i was searching for information in the net i have found alot of forums ,i have read some of the posts on several forums but yours and in my opinion
I found it the most professional and it seems to me the most honest ,so i have registered.

As i mentioned befor ,over the years i have lost alot of K’s ,last time i played about month ago l lost 5k$ .

Since i registered to your forum i read alot and i have to say that i learned and got more skills about playing roulette.

I’m more interesting in your vb2 system , every day i read about vb2 it become more understandable for me but yet not fully, i still have difficulties predicting
the dropping point/number .

For some reason i didn’t succeed to upload the file of VB2 ,ill be greatfull if you can help me to upload it.

Best regards ,


VB2 is more as an extension to visual prediction suitable in some situations. Even people with previous VB experience have problem understanding it. Applying it shouldn’t be hard. You have VB2 section access, over there you have many explanations and you can ask any questions. There is also a mathematical prove for the systems effectiveness.

Here is only a basic explanation you would need to register to login.

Anyway forum section is more detailed.

For you also is good to read:

Evolution of roulettes advantage play
Understanding roulette wheel and exploiting possibilities,1481

For very nice explanation about roulette advantage play I would recommend books by Laurance Scott.
There is also Master- roulette and Jafco-vibe.
The idea is to understand how an advantage can be created and to recognize opportunities, rest is up to you.