New guy

Hello gents

I didnt see newbie section so i hope you wont mind me opening new topic here.

I am new when it is time to speak about advantage play, Althoug not in roulette research. Actualy, after i studyied everything possible through several years i came to conclusion this is the only way this game can be beaten.

So on Lucky_lukes advice i came here to start my journey.

My biggest appetite is wish for learning, and i am not guy that will quit how matter will be hard. I can gurantee you that.

Only problem is when it is time speak about these things, it is so hard to find materials, especialy “basics” and guys who will teach you something are quite hard to find.

Start reading forum up and down would be good start i guess, although i have some basic questions. Is there any person that could answer me or point me in right direction, please? Just show me the path, and i ll wont quit until i gain some knowledge so one day i coul contribute AP community.

Studying many forums and spending much time on them, observing things, i concluded that AP commuinty is very interesting, but also quite “mysteriously” and not easy to get there.

But if could ask for start some “rough” guidelines at least it would mean a lot for me.

Thanks in advance

Greetings from Croatia

Hi and welcome.

I suggest you start reading this post:

You talk about advantage play as the only way to beat roulette, but it’s not formally correct.

Advantage players are those that create for themselves a constant long-term advantage in the game of roulette.

This advantage can be created in two ways: with VB (visual ballistic) or with RC (roulette computer, a small electronic device that helps you to make predictions).

As you know the math/probability don’t help in this game.

I suggest you read a bit around in the forum, you will find many interesting topics.

Best Regards.

Thanks for reply. I will read whole forum i hope i ll find ansewr to my questions.

I am more interested in VB than RC because they are quite expensive and illegal… So i would have to risk getting caught with it…

About legality of RC, does anyone have any precise information on the countries where they are specifically illegal?
I’m sure that they are absolutely illegal in Nevada (up to 10 years in prison) because there is a specific law.
But in other countries there are no specific laws that prohibit them.
My lawyer in Italy (that is also a gambler) doesn’t know any law about. He really doesn’t even know the existence of such devices!!
Certainly most casinos have in their internal rules prohibition of the use of electronic devices (I saw this for example in England).
And surely if you get caught you will be banned from the casino but in my opinion, in most countries of Europe, more than that can’t happen to you.
Add the fact that the last masterpiece created by Forester’s genius has reached a size very difficult detectable… :o
What do you think about?

Tiro send Forester one PM and ask if you can get into VB2 - it is one among other ways that exist.
I know pepole who has great succes with VB2 - but does has great minds and undertand the game from different angel.
Sure is a good start do.

When you start to learn about VB2 and can estimate using it you can PM me and i will send you some candy.

Thank you so much Lucky

I belive you know me from other forum and my commitment there because you pointed me here, i ll do my best to be here so. But knowledge first.

I PM-ed forester and we will see.

Thanks also for your eventual “stimulus”, ill do my best to get it.

After all it is not secret that you guys have best cookies (or candys) on the dark side… lol :slight_smile: