New FFZ-T roulette computer

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FFZ the smallest roulette computer
New FFZ roulette computer will be released soon.

For all new customers! Pre-order it until the 15th of August and save 20%.

When ordering add coupon code " 15AUG20 "

FFZ-T roulette computer / device, let me explain why it is the “T” model.

FFZ-T is only 4 mm in height; the picture provided is the real FFZ’s board profile view.

It is designed so it can comfortably be placed under the Toe (T), as a complete unit without any additional wires or external components. Since the unit has an on-board clocking switch it can be used for hand clocking or the player can add an external clocking switch to be used. The FFZ’s external switch also uses a smaller connector to not exceed the devices height.

The unit can be purchased at any time with R5A software but a new version will be coming soon therefore I suggest to pre-order it and wait few weeks until is completed and tested. The new program includes an interesting part where the FF and visual mayrulet VB2 (visual prediction) is combined. Such combination lets the player predict the roulette outcome with only 2 switch presses. Two switch clicks wasn’t a typing mistake. It is correct and with only two clicks the system also includes and calculation for rotor speed change. Playing that way the player doesn’t have to watch the wheel as much or need to be extremely focused, therefore using it makes the system very covert to apply.

I personally found it very pleasant to use. FF-VB2 system doesn’t require ball clocking where most mistakes are created, instead it lets the ball show us what’s up to . Of course the new software version will have the previous programs for tilted or levelled wheel prediction. There are some changes but basically operation is similar. New, double rotations clocking will be introduced and an indication about the time of particular ball rotation strength during the set up process.

Sounds and looks awesome!

Any Demo video of predictions?

Have to complete program then I’ll make video how to use it.

I may complete it sooner than I thought.

-Menu settings,
-SET process ,
-FFVB2 calculation and timer, where player can also override automatic settings ,
(Can use it a s adjustable timer or timer where the time is changing according to rotor speed)
-Rotor / ball clocking
-Viper indicator for particular rotation in set
-Saving / restoring

Remaining to do is
-Calculation for tilt and level
-Indicator when the ball is due to drop
-Offset adjustment
-Test -real test-more test

Need to talk with you MSN?

cr 1220 and cr 1216


Whats with posting the picture?

The battery is a button cell which justs slides in to the battery holder, positive facing
away from the board, atleast thats how I inserted mine and it works fine.

As for the DVDs I had the same problem with 3 from 4, possibly just unlucky with
some dodgy discs maybe?

Sorry i post it in the wong topic… somebody wants to know with batterys it needed…

As soon as i turn on the FFZ-T, it zaps, differen’t times, before i even tough the button for clocking?
what am i doing wrong?
i’m a newbie and haven’t got a clue.

Please download and read instructions
When you start the |FF first you get 6 pulses then groups of
1,2,or 3 then faster pulses 4,5,6
It 's selection menu. First press the switch after 1 to set the system by clocking ball rotations.

You are in austria? ;-))

With the new ffv cut i have some problems

Before by r5a I get prdictions very exact (5, after once more 5 and the 3.vibr. also 5)

Here by menu 2 I get 2 times different predictions… is this ok?


Also by vb2 menu 4 if I go under 1 sec (ball round) I get near the same prediction… under is very different…

YES WITH VB2 NEXT PREDICTION IS ONLY AS A CONTROLL TO LET YOU COMPARE AND LEARN TO PREDICT AT SAME TIME. WITH VB2 WE DO NOT MEASURE BAL SPEED THEREFORE THE SYSTEM CANT PREDICT SAME. |The system assumes the ball is 1170ms then uses rotor speed and calculates when the ball will cross 37 pockets, if the ball is slower of course two prediction will not match.

Also sometimes the menue 2 don’t work… so I start once more… than ok.
By menue 1 is many times error … 2 long zaps

BE CAREFUL HERE you must have proper setup. It means reasonable clocking at least 7-8 rotations clocked but on some wheels it could require more because set up spin is required to set time for VB2 so you need rotations where the ball was at least 0.8 sec/rotation.

Is there in forum a discussion over this , so please send me the link…

Or maybe you can show me in real in Austria kroatia ;-)))))))))

Have a good day
Best wisches
If you don’t answer now … I understand… you need also holidays…

I know you for long so I do not mind. I come to my home town but on Monday i will go to coast very north part Pula so its close to you and Jefra. ph: in Croatia 0995112574

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I sent all FFZ’s and some already received it

once more if waiting for the FFZ-t get batteries
cr 1220 and cr 1216

$5-6 for 20 on eBay, in shops youl pay that for two