New casino open doors!

New casino in Madrid open doors just in the center of the capital - Gran Via! Very very comfortable for all - turists and people who’re living in this city or generally in Spain or just in Europe… the amazing 3 floors with abundance of roulette wheels, cards tables, slot machines, bars, girls and more… still free entrance :wink:
for all players, cheaters or just people who would like to visit and enjoy - welcome, they will waiting for you and your money… just cash baby! 8)


another one is open inside of the town also - “plaza Colon”… 90 years Madrid was without none casino in the center of the city and just now two different are open :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome! 8)


heheh - just could hear the attendant when comes near to the croupier and told him to release the ball softly and to spin the rotor very fast, hahahahahaha m**** f***ers!!!


…just they tried to screw me :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe is good to know to play biased wheels in such of cases also and like this to mix using of some methods, I think the bad thing is that have to wait a lot of to receive the correctly prediction or if predict earlier spin before to drop it will be not accurately or in fast rotor in this case FFA will be very helpful also I think.

…by the way FFA on 3-numbers predict or on 7-numbers predict mode is doing smth. strange - tells the numbers shuffle or repeats the same one few times or some messy way, the same that before I notified, think it is so little bug that could be fixed easy maybe.


Yes it can happen that it repeats the number especially if the number is short.
It is because of multiple predictions and wish to fit as many numbers as possible in between time of 2 ball rotations.

maybe is good to find some solution of this, if not it lose the sense of select to tell us 3 and more numbers if it doesn’t told them at all?!

some interesting I found out there: