New casino Brisbane

New bridge for pedestrians that will take them from south bank across the river straight in to now Brisbane’s casino. On the other side, a large building with cranes around is the new casino. It looks as the first few floors they’re already making interior setups. I am not sure when it is scheduled for opening.

Wrest Point Casino

in Tasmania has recently upgraded their Table gambling area and we now probably have the world’s best view from a couple of the four roulette tables? An intimate Rapid Roulette set up and a nice new Bar nearby and almost no people. Tasmanian’s will not go out if they have to wear a mask and it is difficult to hold a drink while playing roulette which gives relief from mask wearing.

When the madness will stop?

When the rich stop getting much richer and when the poor start getting a little more rich?
I took my family to Wrest Point Casino for lunch this month, there were more staff than customers in both ground floor restaurants and three people in the TAB and only a few scattered patrons playing machines mostly with a free drink in their hand and no mask. I have never ever seen that before in all the 80 years that I have been visiting Wrest Point.

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