New Book from Pierre Basieux. Special interest for the forum

What do u think about this translation !!!

I had a littel contact with PB a long time ago regarding some question about other things - then during this contact he gave me this PDF …

Basieux Nine Roulette DS english

The German and English version …

PS i assume u have to copy the link and put it into browser …


One thing is for sure that this process below takes patient ;D

I assume some one can collect and pin point out does words and ask here or at Paroli for some help to get closer !!!

Yeah i saw it somewhere else and i knew it was Basieux`s own translation or someone very close to him. His english is actually quite good (for a german…) :slight_smile: I could have sworn he would never write a script in english, at least he told me so a long time ago, so i was a bit surprised to see it.

If it had been a freetranslation it would have come nowhere near the actual meaning in the script. Wether the method works or not is another question. One has to be extremely selective with the wheels, balls and dealers.

Well just to correct things i use my own contact and got the translation made.
I belive i am the only one who has it and does i gave it to.


@LS , i fixed your link but it says Logga In

Thanks Forester - but i only for a short moment wanted to show a good translation of PB work …
Now for does who want a copy has to PM me …