MyRulet Advantage Roulette Calculator (MARS)

Finally is here; MyRulet Advantage Roulette Calculator (MARS).

For most of people here explanation is not required but anyway here it is.

For Average hit rate enter 1-37 for European or 1-38 for American roulette wheel.
If you can create advantage something as to increase average hit rate from 1:37 to 1:33 add number 33.
That would change negative casino advantage by about 11%.

Numbers played How many numbers you want to play each spin

Number of Spins How many spins you going to play per visit

Amount of trials How many visits, I added 52 as 1 visit per week for a year.

Bankroll How many casino chips you have at start

Click Simulate and you get something as this:


You would lose 34 and win only 18 times, of course this can deviate from attempt to attempt but it can give you general idea.

Even you would lose more times with money you will still be in front.
You would win 3528 units and lose 2260 so in one year you would profit 1289 units.

Here i picked up one of worst cases, with same parameters repeated few times I come and with this values.


This time win is 4832 and loss1068 units.

Significant deviation in results and still many returns home without win. Reason for that is in small advantage and relatively small bankroll also low amount of spins played.


If I can cover 9 pockets play 200 spins and have each time bankroll of 300 units than things look much better.
Only 8 loses and 44 wins.

LOSES: 8 Amount: -1500
WINS: 44 Amount: 8604

LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 732 Profit = 432
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 552 Profit = 252
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 588 Profit = 288
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 624 Profit = 324
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 696 Profit = 396
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 408 Profit = 108
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 912 Profit = 612
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 624 Profit = 324
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 300 Profit = 0
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 480 Profit = 180
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 300 Profit = 0
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 444 Profit = 144
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 120 Profit = -180
LAST Spin# 200 Bankroll: 660 Profit = 360

I hop you find the MARPC useful to analyze your own stile of play and possible outcomes.

Good luck

I did not program it, cost me $300 but for you is free, small thanks and comment will be appreciated.

I like it.

I think it’s important for people to grasp the variance in their play even with an edge. Sims do a fine job of that.

I believe there is some better things but this is very simple and always online.

I not know - here weaker point is average hit rate and concrete it we want to know. I use other way to determine - we have advantage or not and how big it is. I can say main idea.
We have predictions and real outcomes and can measure distance between prediction and outcome. If our prediction is random number - outcome can be in any distance from our prediction so any meaning 0-18 and in average will be 9.

If our prediction is not random - that number will be less than 9. I created for myself relationship between average number which i get and mine chances to win and how much and how easy. Till now not noticed , that number is small but i lost…

Well some people want to take 20 units and play VB or something this may help them understand, why.


Added at the top menu a link to MyRulet Advantage Roulette Calculator (MARS).

I am always fascinated with the results.

I set it to 1:33 hit rate, It is about 10% players advantage
Playing 7 numbers
Playing 100 spins or lose
365 days
and 200 units bankroll.

After a few tests, it shows me that even with advantage, I would lose ~every third time I play.
Sometimes it would be losing 200 units without a single hit (28 spins).

Still, after 365 plays it profits about 20k units.