My first experience with FFV

So I purchased the FFV a few weeks ago. I spend a bit of time to familiarize myself with it. I tested it with video spins and read a lot of interesting staff on this forum. Yesterday it was the time to test it in a real environment.
I visited a casino in Greece. The conditions where good most of the times. I didn’t experience crazy scatter which helped a lot.
I clocked as many spins as I could and then I started playing. It took me some time to clock correctly. I was losing a bit of money to begin with as I was making a few mistakes. At the end I won around 1200 Eur and some of the pit bosses were constantly looking at me. The only thing I didn’t do is add the corrections as I think this is the next step. I tried to play only with right conditions, rotor & spin speed.

So thank you Forrester. I strongly believe with the FFV you can really have an advantage.

Ps I was only playing neigbourbets. I still have a lot to learn…

It’s detected in casino detector machine or not?
How many neighbors u bet ?
And r u single player for play or double?
And which version of computer you use sir?
Name of the roulette computer?
Pls answer this quastion for help me sir thank u.

There is no casino detector in casinos, that’s bullshit.
Always bet nepending on the conditions.
FFV/FFZ Acrobat 5

Sometimes are. I himself few times passed that and heard from ABCDE that he also passed…

I think the answer. should come from legend21

Hi All

In athens casino Mont Parnes there is a metal detector. It does not detect the FFV. I simply put it in my wallet.

I call the neigbour bets from the predicted number so 5 numbers in total. FFV updated version. Please note the computer is only a tool and it work if you understand it well. It takes a lot of practise and reading. Remember that you mustr find the right conditions.

It’s how its work it take rotter speed and ball speed ?
I mean 2 click for rotter and 4 click for a ball?
And how the result are given it’s vibrate so how can we understand that vibrate that is the number is predicted?
Can u pls explain if u free sir

Just search Youtube for FFV FFZ roulette computer

I was in Zurich a few days ago and visited the local casino. I have not upgraded my FFV to the new version but i am still getting great results.

The biggest challenge for me is staying undetected. Keeping my hand in my pocket while i call neighbour bets raises suspicions. After a couple hits the pit bosses are giving me strange looks. I won 800 swiss francs and left the casino.

Any tips of how to remain undetected ?


Legend I writed you something in PM . Look.