My experience with a brand new Huxley velstone wheel

G’day all

My lovely wheel at my local Casino was a two year old Huxley with Velstone track and yesterday it was replaced with a brand new similar wheel but this one has a slight lip around the outside of the upper wooden rim section.

Several players commented about the “sound” which was caused by the medium sized hard ball bouncing across the frets or dividers. This caused more bounce and scatter than on the 2 yo wheel. It appeared that the chrome frets were much tighter or more solid than in the 2 yo wheel. There were still the occasional “rollers” but in my first hundred numbers logged there were three “double” spins or one in 33 whereas the old wheel has been only averaging 1:40, I sure hope that continues.

Interestingly, my own RWA strategy worked as normal. Note that strategy is very similar to the RWD hot number play.

What didn’t work as normal was my Distance strategy and I think that was due to the extra bounce and scatter.

The Croupiers commented that the new wheel was not slowing down nearly as much as the old wheel. They did not have to touch it to keep it moving in between spins.

It appeared quite level with no dominant diamonds in the several hours that I played. VB worked as normal but the extra bounce & scatter required different compensation.

I will post any changes or developments over the next two years.


Make 100 spins chart for ball jumps.

Simply chart of jumps can do job not in the best way. More complex data say with wheel speed and hiting place (diamond ) often can do better picture.

Please, Mike, if you can, ball jump data with wheel speed and orbit decay pattern… lm curios :D… ball type with couple spins saved (timing of revolutions) would be interesting as well ;D.
Nice to see you are alife and kicking :smiley:

I have a better idea. How many years you were chasing the ball?
From time when you could put something in pockets so the ball doesn’t stop there or when you could place 10mm thick cardboard under one leg of the wheel. Maybe is time to retire and write as a story.
Mike and 40+ years of roulette ;D. If it is not written it is as it didn’t happened!

Forester & Co

I am already writing my 46 year long roulette story and plan to finish when I have 50 years experience but will never retire from playing hopefully.

Only problem with that is my story cannot be published until after I die or my Casinos will ban me.

Maybe now that Forester has overcome his fear of flying we should organise a mini-conference for all Forum players to share experiences?



I still do not like flying but really have no choice, in business class was better ;D.

So 4 more years.