My 1srt steps(trial) to Visual prediction!

HELLO again!

i want to inform u about my 1st trials(tests) i did today with a video of 1.5 hours of spins.

i was playing with laurence scot system.

i observed the 1st 10-15 spins and i found the dominiand diamond.
it wasn t sooooo dominiand(lol)but the 40% of the spins was hiting there.

so i will explain u now what exactly i did and i will really appriciate u to correct me please!!!

so when i was observing for the DD i also observed the SCATTER.
i found out that most of the cases was 8-10 pockets to the right(the video had only right spins)

so i moved my observation 9 pockets to the right!(i was looking in the next Diamond to the right)
and when the ball was hiting to the DD 6/10 of the times was hitting MY PREDICTED NUMBER or the 2 neibours!!!

i was very happy from the resoults of my predictions(should i be or not?)

but i have now some very INPORTANT questions for u and i wish u will help me!
1)the scatter wasn t all the time 9 pockets!!!some times it was 3 pockets to the left or right to the DD…can i do something for that???
2)also i had 3 DD(and i pick the most dominiant)could i do something in order to do my predictions according the 2 or the 3 dominiands???
and if yes HOW???

i am starting to like VB…and i thing its a real thing!!!
i am also happy to be here with all the good PROFECIONALS and till now u have helped me very much!!!
please if u wish to answer me …use simple words couse as u can see i don t speak perfect english

i will look every 1 minite for applyes :slight_smile:
thank u in advance!!!

your not going to get a perfect prediction every time you just bet sectors try to keep track of the scatter and just average how far scatter is to your best ability

Well i can`t see exactly what you are doing to find the prediction number.

I suggest you filter all spins until you have say 10 spins with the same WHEEL SPEED. That means that you can look at the same place in the bowl in all of these spins.

You then look for a particular ball revoloution, preferbly the 4th or 5th last. When the ball passes the 12 o clock diamond you read the number below the ball. Use cross overs, accoustic, head count or thumper for that.

You then note the outcome number next to the number read at 12 o clock in the 4 or 5th last ball rev.

You then see if you can calculate a frequent offset from your reading number to the outcome number. Maybe your reading numbers were all located ~10 pockets away from the outcome numbers. Meaning, you from now on move your reading spot from 12 o clock to 10 pockets away from 12 o clock.

Your main problems so far will be: Establishing a precise rotor speed timing and establishing the 4th or 5th last ball revoloution.

If you mix all rotor speeds with the same reading spot, your predictions will be pretty random. If you look at the chart on my blog, you will see that the travel lenght (amount of pockets) of the rotor differs with different speeds. Obviously. Because your prediction would always be roughly 10 seconds away, but the wheel will turn different lenghts with different speeds. And the scatter will differ too.

yes kelly thanks…i did all that

but some of the times the ball was landing exactly down of the DD

and some of the times was landing 9 pockets to the right(or less or more depending of the rotor speed) of the number down to the DD.

You can`t do much about the scatter except try to make some statistics. That way you will find out how big your sector bet should be. X-4-4 would cover 9 pockets. Or maybe 2 times X-1-1 at +1 and +9 offset. But statitics will show you just where the main scatter area will be. Hard labour and tracking is the soloution.

I think I should stop making comments, someone may think that I hate someone and it isn’t truth.

***1)the scatter wasn t all the time 9 pockets!!!!!!some times it was 3 pockets to the left or right to the DD.....can i do something for that? 2)also i had 3 DD(and i pick the most dominiant)could i do something in order to do my predictions according the 2 or the 3 dominiands? and if yes HOW?

1, you can’t do much about it some systems may partly adjust for it.
2, Well then try Jefco’s “3 pin game” which means target 2 diamonds on opposite sides and wait for fast rotor (~2-2.5s) that will match. So instead of middle diamond you take advantages from 2 side ones.

Viper I think you should purchase LS or Jefcos VB, and ask them.

It is not very ethical that we teach you details of theirs systems since they are selling it and they obviously spend lot of time to put it all together.

yes i agree ask laurance scott if you have a question about his system or john if you have a question about jafco. if you want to know about ffa or ffz talk to foster or ask at the forum. people should not ask others opinions if they dont want to hear them. of corse if you ask about ffa hear we are going to say it is best. but i am sure if you go to scotts forum they will say the same about there system. you are your own person viper. do your research dont beleive every thing you hear.