Multiplayer roulette-feels like real casino

AppSynthe has something for roulette addicts - first casino game where you can play with your friends on one iPad:

‘Multiplayer Roulette’.

First so realistic casino-like roulette, thanks to:

[ul] []3D graphics
]Multiplayer - great for parties, pubs, etc.
[]Very realistic game physics
]Best simulation for tactics testing in “safe mode”[/ul]

Check out our Multiplayer Roulette (gameplay) for iPad - game by Appsynthe.

And the game is here:

AND NOW, goooood news: if you’re fast (2 days) you can buy it for $0,99. How cool is that?

Nice one.
Can I spin the wheel and the ball with the speed that I want? LOL
Also If I will put 2 coins under the phone can I make the wheel tilted ???


Here is an AP forum mate… Only real wheels … :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: