Minimum Bounce & Scatter

On my normal roulette wheel yesterday …

The influence of the Moon’s gravity on the ball is completely negligable.

Air pressure, however could be significant. It affects the deceleration of the ball, especially when it moves at higher speed (during early deceleration rather than scatter). Air pressure affects the viscosity of the air, it gets a little more like moving through water. But I think that the indoor climate control, and a thing like if a window is open or not, could have a greater affect than the outdoor weather variations, but of course they both add up.

I think you should consider that something happened with the wheel itself. If the rotor was going slower than usual, that would explain a nice scatter, but you’d notice that of course.

My wife has a problem with static electricity. Sometimes she has days when she gets slightly electroshocked dozens of times from morning to night when she touches people and everyday objects. But most days she hasn’t got this problem at all. Recently a friend of hers suggested that it could have to do with using a softener in the laundry. It might be that this happens to her when she wears clothes which have been washed without a softener (when it has run out and we haven’t yet bought a new bottle of it). Then the clothes might more easily generate and store electrostatic charge. So, maybe the croupier had a day like that, and he charged the ball electrostatically each time he picked it up. A plastic ball can be electrostatically charged, and since it spins and rolls it should generate a magnetic field and maybe that affects how it behaves when it hits the metallic rotor…

I doubt that tidal forces explain what happened, but if you want to check it out, then note that the tidal effect of the Sun is about 50% of that of the Moon, so it would be significant too. The tidal effect of other planets are insignificant in comparision with that. Note that the water tide is influenced by water depth, coastal line shape and that it lags behind the actual gravitational forces because of inertia.

While it is well known and obvious that the water of the oceans lifts off towards the the Moon and/or the Sun when they pass by, it is actually also true that the ground too is raised by an inch or so!

hi guys
as mike knows i belive very strongly that the tide and moon play a major part in b/s along with air pressure

while i donot understand what is happening down in tassie but up here in the tropices where the a/p moves up to 5bar per day

when you get all the things lined up ie a/p tide moon it is very ease to see the marked differents in b/s

i will only play when the right window appears we have put many hours into what we call the minerox theory

i would be happy to go on with this but not on air so to speak



I struggle to comprehend this claim/belief… but I am tryng really hard to keep my mind open… what records/study have you that can demonstrate your claim/belief… can you share these with us…

when you get all the things lined up
.. this one brings to mind the old joke "beware of Pluto being in line with Uranus".. Sorry I shouldn't make a joke of it.. Please show some evidence of your study.. Perhaps Mike can contribute also..


I am not a fan of minerox theory, but it could something in that.

I never take much care but I know that he takes details of his play and comparse them.
Some people that I knew playing a lot also claiming similar.
They more compare to wind from see or towards sea, bringing humidity and different air pressure. Linking it to different ball scatter. Some days scatter is so unpredictable while some it is very narrow.

hi pj

i will try to summerise actual events that happened to us in the tropices
about two years ago i thought that i had found a bias wheel lets call it t/2 #11 we clocked about 10000 spins over about 6 monthsl so convinced was i that we had found the wheel we started to bet #11 some times we won sometimes we lost why was this, so i made contact will the famous snow from colarado, snow showed me a whole new world of experience with bais wheels however we could still not work out what was happening to t/2 #11 but something that snow said got me thinking why was our bais wheel not consistend then i set about looking at the tides a/p moon, what i could not do was go back and pecie togeather the times and days that we played so i thought i will just continue to clock and make very detailed notes at about this time the casino changed the table and wheel “damm” what they did was just move it to a new spot increased the min bet and only use it when they are very busy,so very limited play time maybe they got wise to me or they found the bais i do not know,any way about 6 months latter armed with my new knowalge we found another one lets call this t1#2 we clocked about 2,3,4,5,6,thousand spins we alined the tides with the h/ap and the full moon with a consistent +3 std and sat down to play we played for about 5 days took about 8k off the table, while all this was going on i was talking to another member of our group {he can jump in if he likes} he had all our spins days time ect ect this wheel also had an 8/10 domiant drop wow was this so good, any way i decided that this was to big for us so the member that had all the info decided to join with us he came to the tropices to have a look with a big bank once we decided to play within a few hours we were up maybe 3500.00 we was also out of alinement we play on and what do you think happened…

so do i belive in the moon stars and a/p you bet

Minerox did you get to know that member through this forum or you did know him from before?
I know about that case but I couldn’t help much. However I was fascinated with data they showed me.

Fear of flying? ::slight_smile:

what an air plane? ???

Mike I am not so afraid as I simply do not like to do it. ::slight_smile:

Past few years I went 10 times to Melbourne.
8 times I preferred to drive 1800km.

Few months ago straight after casino I went to one party.
They were selling raffle tickets and because I was loaded with money I bought all book.
Since prices were supported by one travel agent first price was return airfare to any Australian destination. I won it and never used it. About month later an organizer lady calls me to see when I will get ticket. Since I know her I told her she can have it if next time she sees me she buys me a drink. Not bad $200 for drink ;).
But I won and full basket of food as well, that I’ve used with pleasure.


Now I know you would rather have a drink or socialise with Cro-girl than fly to Perth but I didn’t realise the same applied to your appreciation of food!

I also have trouble understanding how someone who can take those full zaps without blinking can prefer to drive 1800kms. ::slight_smile:

It was full basket of Croatian food.

Maybe I should attach FF to my leg with maximum zap to keep me awake. ;D
Once i was driving 20 hours with stops only for petrol.

Put it this way.
To fly I need to organize it, decide about time, be there at time.
It means driving to airport, waiting, and same at the other side. I hat it.
If I drive I go and do whatever I want.
I did think about coming to minerox by car but then I release it is to far.

hi guys
forester had i known that you where thinking like that i would have drove down myself picked up mike at the same time

what a situation to be in wow!!!

with the right info anybody can see the difference in b/s

many times forester i email you with the right time to play but the girls or what ever!!!
i am happy to share my info but must be oked by forester why because i donot need or want all the bullsh…
that forester has had to contend with of late, as well as above this forum is not about educating mike barrnet and his cronies
not giving our intel straight to the casino’s who can and will use it against the every day punter and us any time they like

that is why i ask again can you move the new ff to a restricted site forester with limited access

may the moon and the stars shine on you

It was as this.
I asked crogirl how far is to there?
She told me few hours drive.
I said ok we are going for weekend.
Then I looked map and changed my mind.
If I come I wouldn’t tell you anyway (not at that time).

I did listen to your recommendations, you know that I was giving you results of play and tried to match my play with your theory, maybe I did not go in to details as you do but I found good and bad nights at any conditions.

No, this forum is not about educating Barnett that what was valid 15 years ago is not valid any more. But what exactly you want me to remove and how would you arrange forums.
Who should have access to what? Are you saying that I shouldn’t talk about FFA?
I do not feel that I provide anything specific. And there is nothing special about computer that talk.

hi forester

thank you for your blunt ans
so i will be just as blunt

access should only be given to your trusted people, ones that you would lend your wallet to, you decide
ones that have your best interest up front and long term there own interest is second
ones that are of the same mind as you, not so they can go and do their own thing with what they learn from this forum
not so they can get on other forums and bag the shit out of you and your forum or all the other contribters to the forum
that make this forum “your forum” a place to come and learn without all the bullst… that you can see on any other forum

if you like reinvent the boys club to invitation only you have the means to checkout the ones you invite!!!
the other members of the new boys club can then feel ok to talk freely at the new boys club because they will know all are of same mind and their intenions are true

“I do not feel that I provide anything specific. And there is nothing special about computer that talk.”
forester you understermate yourself and your abbility
i would bet that the casino bosses would think differant about your talking computer!!!
as i am sure that the feed back they already get from others would make them {the casino bosses} very nervous about you and yours

may the moon and stars shine on you

Access should only be given to your trusted people, ones that you would lend your wallet to, you decide

Then I have to talk to myself.

Ones that are of the same mind as you, not so they can go and do their own thing with what they learn from this forum

Why not, different people different thoughts more experience more ideas.
I would never add vibration but PJ vent his own way.
Then we have Rollo who actually brought the link about that vibrator and he emailed me some other ideas as well. He even doesn’t have the FF but he likes to be involved.

Some people never write on forum they call me or send an email.

But you may be right about new project.
I will move that post back to Development section and make it available to some.
It isn’t my fault that people start moving stuff outside Support or development.
It did not happen at once but gradually. Ok let’s take some care.