Mathematical averages

Question: If we have a mathematical average do we have a predictable statistic?

It is not clear what are you asking?

If you have 25% of a game,the odds of one picking correctly are 1-4: Is it predictable that you will probably win an average 1/4th of the time?

25% is same as 1/4.
It is also same as 9/36, however roulette has 37 numbers and 9/37 is not same as 1/4 but less.

So…if I have 25% of a game with 75% against me, I guess that it is fair for me to say that I will probably win 25% of the time…so, I predict that I will win 25% or 1/4th of the time; i.e. we have a predictable statistic; and predictable is a beautiful word when dealing with games of chance…
You will be hearing more from me…good stuff coming this way…remember my name: Juneau.

…most people looking at the posting of results of a random pick exercise would say there is not and cannot ever be an identifiable pattern to such postings. People say there is no pattern to randomness. Hogwash, I see predictable mathematical patterns forming all over the place…In point of fact, the game of roulette is predictable…and not by simulations with the resulting catch-all term: random averages…all of ones averages in the game are not only calculable: one can be presented with an opportunity for favorable odds on the bet…if you know what you are doing…vis a vis another game: one of cards: blackjack…

…this is me replying to my own post because people must not be listening…no replies…so, how about this: I predict that in the game of #37 wheel roulette, that only 8.9 unique numbers will show on average on 10 consecutive spins…i.e. leaving a predictable average of 1.1 repeating #s showing. …prove me wrong…

You are on the wrong forum.

…I wonder what forum that might be?..I would have thought that any forum would like to be enlightened as to the possibilities opened up by mathematical probabilities in various games of chance…we have predictability here that can be fully taken advantage of…PREDICTABLE is a beautiful word when dealing with games of chance…Oh well, just remember:THE DUTCHMAN…IF i CAN EVER GET THE WEBSITE POSTED,YOU’LL SEE…ADIOS…

There are many other roulette forums talking about such ways, we focus only on proven ways called the roulette advantage play.

A post-script:…I wonder why I cannot on any gambling forum actually present proof that I can manipulate the odds to provide a mathematically certain result advantage to the player and it is not to be called roulette advantage roulette play…I can do this…if the odds in roulette in your play is 1/4, 25%, I have a new concept that will provide one with a proven 25% player advantage in the game…If that cannot be called roulette advantage play I don’t know what else would…however, I’ll leave but where will I go? Can you direct me: what would be one of the forums you might be talking about?..

Just google for roulette forum, all the other forums talk about roulette mathematical advantage.


Are you familiar with the gambler’s fallacy?

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…yes I am…