Mathematical averages


Question: If we have a mathematical average do we have a predictable statistic?


It is not clear what are you asking?


If you have 25% of a game,the odds of one picking correctly are 1-4: Is it predictable that you will probably win an average 1/4th of the time?


25% is same as 1/4.
It is also same as 9/36, however roulette has 37 numbers and 9/37 is not same as 1/4 but less.


So…if I have 25% of a game with 75% against me, I guess that it is fair for me to say that I will probably win 25% of the time…so, I predict that I will win 25% or 1/4th of the time; i.e. we have a predictable statistic; and predictable is a beautiful word when dealing with games of chance…
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