Masterroulette vs jafco vibe

I have send you the methode masters roulette.

You know somebody who play this system … that this men can explain me;-) (I speek no good English )

Normaly you read 60 pages … but you can say the total system with 2 sentence. This is what I need!

It’s same as Jafcos system,
He makes cards for rotor if people can’t calculate rotor movement to the end of spin.

In 2 pin game he uses second diamond as target, which makes me happy since I was the one arguing Jefco explanation, to play 2 pin game you have to use first pin.

Main difference:

Jafco in his system suggests predict 3-4 rotations before the end of spin he never mention the knee point where the ball may decelerate faster so its easier to spot it.

On casino wheels if it is happening in usual it’s 5-6 rotations before the end of spin and 3-4 rotation is actually very hard to detect since deceleration drops.
(Apparently after reading my complains he added it to his new version, :wink:

Jafco only estimates right ball revolution, master roulette actually uses interesting way that some good VB players were using.

For example, you observe ball spinning at one DD. You read numbers under the ball like

notice the difference 0-19 3 pockets then next rotation ball crosses 19 then next time 2 but then notice from 5-9 it is a rapid jump in difference in between numbers.

So someone who is skilled in observing and have memorized distances in between numbers can use it to detect sudden change in ball deceleration. Of course if the wheel has a the knee point where the ball suddenly decelerates faster.

Someone may argue ok; I can spot it with a necked eye. It is the truth but with scanning numbers you can see how the pattern is developing.

In usual the knee point may be 2-3 rotations wide and is not same where you spot it or if it is the change is the highest in first rotation or second.
If someone can differentiate that, he can better know where the ball may drop.

for example he can see difference in amount of pockets rotor passing with each ball rotation;
3,3,4,5,9, 14…
or next spin

3,4,5, are never exact but that’s what the player my detect, then one spin the ball makes 9 pockets where it starts the knee point but in next spin it makes 11 pockets sudden difference .

Such two scenarios may lead ball ending at different places with some practice the player may define where the ball may hit the most likely.

Another problem in just estimating the ball rotation is change in rotor speed, it’s as an illusion. Faster rotor may cause you to guess it differently but when you read numbers under the ball it doesn’t matter.

differences of 3,3,4,5,9,14…
on fast rotor you may read as
It doesn’t matter if it is different you do not look for example 9 pockets difference but you look for rapid change no matter if it is 9 or 11.
At that moment is the time for you to read the reference number.

Thanks Forester for your excellent and brief explanation. :-*

Happy new year