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Mark / Anthony Howe computer
Forester / electronics and visual tracking systems
Laurance / Advanced Methods

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hello everybody from beautiful coast of CROATIA
forester system is the best and I have it
what is new forester, long tim did not hear from you
when are you comming
i was in doichland will send you email

Not much new, thanks for comming to forum.
I am very interssting about your trip.
Email me how was your trip.

No 1 support from Forrester. He answers every time fast with full explanation. He is helping people to use system properly. I am still learning and waiting for his new electronics one.
Forrester is promising lot with electronics system.
I lose sometimes, but I win more then that. When I am at good table I win a lot. I vote for Forrester. I don’t know much about other systems.

Please vote only if you will explain why.

that is good idea, thanks

New box is much beter then old one. Why didnt you make it earlier that way. Can you make e1 system as first option, i dont use e2.

Sure that i can ,
But learn E2 it is better faster with more time to place bets and more time for entry.

Hi Forester (I know your name, but won’t reveal it here),

I had purchased your Visual Tracking System off ebay and although I have my own WAY of playing (I don’t like the word system) I thought i’d share some feedback for others, as many have emailed me asking for advice whether they should buy from you and what is it you are selling.

Also, keep in mind (from everything I know) Forester’s system is more something i’d like to call “WAYS TO THINK WHEN PLAYING ROULETTE” and it’s more a mental zone you should be in. Roulette for me isn’t fun to play, for me it is being as serious as a NASA scientist… it should be 100% concentration with discipline, fast thinking and manual actions if you desire to win. If you just want to have fun, then expect to lose & maybe whatever you’re doing right will be based on unconditioned chance. To me chance is something that is allowing yourself to be oblivious to certain recurring facts, these facts are what can win you money (since we are talking roulette) so in essence you can allow chance and have fun, or be totally aware of as many facts as possible (keeping in mind that a human’s mind span of concentration is no more than 20 minutes) and expect that to prove itself.

These are what I call the 3 types of mentality’s that people think you can win at roulette:

  1. Chance/Luck/Special Significance/Spiritual connection
  2. Mathematical/Computational/Electronic/Tracking objects & Actions
  3. Illegal cheating/Stealing

Each has its benefits and its down points… but what I concentrate on (to play legally) is in part psychological, physical & mathematical (since these are the 3 main parimeters that all other finer details stem from eg- the the mind/brain logic, dealer/player action, the roulette wheel/ball physics.)

So to give a name on how I play (you must 1st understand all these parameters). How I play would be called something like “Conscious Dynamic Factual Interraction”. Some would develop a system on this (and many do), but what I’m trying to convey is that you can only play (legally) and win 2 ways.

  1. Unconscious repetition or chance
  2. Conscious Dynamic Factual Interraction

This has been my response to questions from others asking me about Forester’s system from ebay:

“Hi, Yes the system is a visual explanation of what to do, and is definately the best way to explain any system (and worth the cost). In itself, it’s not really a system (as we all don’t like to call things like this a system). What it is will help if you have an good/average knowledge of roulette/physics/maths. I use a combination of factors, and that is what is also visually explained in it (although I use a few more that are very difficult to visually explain, and requires quick computational knowledge and common sense, as well as some other factors I find work to my advantage 40% of the time). The guy is straight out with you about things, he’s not in it to make money from selling this (I know, as you can clearly see it has taken alot of time to create the programme). It is not highly technical, and saves you reading many books that in essence don’t visually give you a working description of how to play, and what to look for. Everyone uses many factors, but this programme/system describes very neatly and systematically so you have a good memory of what to do while playing roulette (it applies to nothing else, not like other systems that rave on about many casino games). He is an honest guy, and hard to find people like this that share information and have put in some work to help others at a very minimal cost to the customer. Currently I’m consistantly 40% over the casino at Roulette, so using his system you should be looking to get around 30% over the casino. I don’t play roulette by luck, it’s all visual, computational, smart, and systematic. You need to be disciplined and timing is vital, as well as reading the dealer spins for just the right amount of time. I also use wheel circumference, ball spin, dealer signature, and things like no drinking or talking at the table. You have to play smart, and I only play for no more than 2 hours, some bad runs but as I said the percentages you need to be around should clearly have you ahead if you play smart.”

(hopefully Forester this feedback helps you, and I would and have given you a positive response, although I myself know that your system alone is only the tip of the iceberg, some will naturally click and understand and others will still be lost,. In essence your system gives the RIGHT FEEL of how to play for a beginner)


Thank you MXER

You are very right about my visual system and about play in general.

Overconfidence can kill. Did you ever play chess with wicker and then you find yourself in no escape position. Lack of focus.
Happen to me with roulette play before many times, now not so much.
Overconfident in my system start playing without defining offset correctly.

Then lose then stay longer to play to get it back but get tired and lose more. Learned that lesson long time ago. It is about 2 months that I lost last time and I played maybe 10 times. I lost only $200, but I was short in time so I could not play more.
E2 is more accurate and better balanced so it gives higher advantage over device that I used before. Currently I did prediction error test on Huxley wheel used all over Australia.
Thanks for feedback most of the people do not do it. Maybe they just mind their own business. I do not care so much but few asked me why there is not much feedback, or if I can connect them with someone who uses my system. I can’t provide details of any buyers.

Everybody excuse my English. But I must give report.
Forester I could not give before you know that after that big loss your system was look bad. Thanks to your help I make more money back and more then 20 last casino go I am more wining.
Forester box and system is perfect I play all dialers.
Forester teach and help is good, forester call my home and my wife was translating her English better.
Forester I do not use your blue belt around leg I push connectors under black belt. Works good for me and electricity is smaller. Switch got bracken but forester send one spare.
I found here man will make me 5 cheap. He looks your box he says he can make same one. No problem I pay forester for new one my cousin want.

Thanks, you will be ok but if you use it without conductive strap your connectors may corrode and you will need to replace them.
I will look in to that option and maybe try to use stainless still plugs fixed to the box.

Hey vito I did make some units that way without conductive pad.
Looks ok and as you said zap is nicer.
It should be ok for while.
Connectors are wider and I attach them on cover of the box.
So if someone needs to replace them in future it is not a problem.

not many votes so far :shock:

Definitely it is good system and great support from Forester.
I am waiting for new chip with e3. Cube

I would just like to say how absolutely wonderful your system is and THANK YOU !!!


MXER, and Thank - too strong for my taste… you should really think about tuning it down a bit.


Interesting discussion,
Few people discussing and they all are correct. But they argue.

System as it is would not work with early bets, and with so fast wheel would be imposable to predict correctly. So some are correct there.
Then again with late bets with slower rotor it would work because change is not so high.
Truth is that VB player for this particular system must know if wheel speed changes by less then 0.1 sec.
Reason is simple. If rotor is by so much different, he will think that he is in same ball rotation before the end but he may not be. If he misses that rotation, he is out by 16-18 numbers. (16-18 numbers is the difference that wheel will make until ball makes full rotation). That 0.1 sec different rotor is not the only reason for this to happen.
Even smallest mistake in visual observation can have same result. If player miss by 2 rotations he is coming again close to correct prediction.
Now the question is:
If VB player is so late in bets 5-6 sec before the end, and if he can have so good feeling to notice difference of rotor, why he cannot notice exact spin before the end.
He would be more accurate. Personally rotor 2.8 or 2.9 sec I cannot notice the difference.
However, I think when ball slows down that I can notice when the ball is three, four, or five rotations before the end. Therefore, if I play 3 and 5 I would be in winning sector if I played 4 I am out by 18 numbers. Still not bad 2/3 I am correct. Then why would we need this system, it only confuses us.

System disadvantages:

Small rotor change makes you think that you are in different ball rotation before the end.
Mistake of only 1 number from start to the end when observing have same negative affect as that you are in different rotation.
Cannot play every spin if did not find cross pattern.
Not enough time to place chips.

Tested at Huxley wheel,
Time to the end of spin 6.8 and 5.04
Rotor speed 3.0 and 3.3 the difference is 27 numbers or if we look from other side, we are 10 numbers off. So even if we are within correct spin system shifts to much.
As I said if we guess right rotation and make bets, we would be only five numbers away (change of rotor)

Simple recommendation,
Use some kind of simple device that will give you some signal in intervals 0.7-0.8 sec or 1.4 or close to that.
Lets say small metronome, if it is 0.7 look that ball for that time makes half turn or 1.4 for full.
When you have, it means that you are at right ball speed. After that wait until ball comes to one particular spot, notice number under that spot. If that is winning number, use that spot all the time, if not shift the spot in direction, where is winning number? Ones you set, you can play.
To play this way you will be reasonably accurate if wheel changes 0.5 sec but around 3 sec per rotation or if it is slower (do not pay if wheel is to fast) If you can notice change then if wheel is faster, add few more numbers.
After all, I would consider this extremely hard to implement, but great discovery and idea.
Laurence did nothing wrong, theoretically system will work. How good someone can implement it is very personal. It is base for all the other work that many people developed in all kind of directions.

Recently I found one biased wheel, I reprogrammed my device to try it and I have very good results. With device is easier, I can have earlier prediction and it does not matter am I in 10,9,8,or 7th ball rotation. I still need to work on it, it was only fast solution.

Yes intresting discussion…

here is an article that should give the answer ( I am talking about VB in general)