Mark Howe on fire

An idiot can only be an idiot!

This is email he sends around.

Be careful, do not explode from laugh.

"Hi Folks

We have now placed our entire program in a keyfob, videos coming soon of them working, to existing customers they will only be £1000 instead of £2500 to new customers.

Remember, we have PROOF OF WINNINGS from our devices, we will be placing more and more videos showing our wins from around Europe, no other roulette computer developer or seller can do this.

If you have shown interest in the past in our products, we will also give you a discount!

Proof of Our winnings from using roulette computers only at]roulettewinningshummer.avi

Interesting to NOTE we are in possession of Mr. Foresters programs and devices, several customers send me his devices and software for free because it does not work, if you have been scammed by him, we will give you a 60% discount on our devices if you prove that you have purchased his device. We do not want criminals like this giving us a bad name with sites full of lies about our products and their own.

Ask them to SHOW YOU THE MONEY! They cannot! LOL

Had several purchasers now send me copies of all Mr. Foresters programs and devices from stating they have not won anything using his equipment, ask him if these is his programs>

Mr. Forester at

Again, another former illegal operative, he use to make illegal sat cards for a living, hes a smart guy, but everything says scam. A Group of his customers who spent a fortune with this guy were so upset after discussing with each other that his products do not really work, that they collectively sent me their programs to us at to evaluate ourselves to see if the products worked as Forester/Mr. Forester claimed. Now, if the products worked, they would not give away the programs to a competitor for evaluation, they would use it themselves to make money. Truth is, it does not work.

Proof I have his programs, here is the names

Unlimited7nov209.HEX Unlimited7nov209.HEX
removedE4(2).HEX removedE4(2).HEX
ffa_U_setup_Jan2010.pps ffa_U_setup_Jan2010.pps
unlimitedFeb2010_7.HEX unlimitedFeb2010_7.HEX
ffa_setup.ppt ffa_setup.ppt
ffa_setupJul2009.pps ffa_setupJul2009.pps
ffa_U_setup_Jan2010.pps ffa_U_setup_Jan2010.pps
FFV instructions.doc FFV instructions.doc
Securityman.hex Securityman.hex
unlimitedFeb2010_7.HEX unlimitedFeb2010_7.HEX
ffa_setup0409.ppt ffa_setup0409.ppt

They are now freely available on the internet with full instructions how to implement them, although they are very basic and work poorly.

There is no other people worth mentioning to be honest, these are the main culprit’s that you should avoid!


Mark Anthony Howe

No matter how many times I explain to him that programs are free to download, he still is trying to gain something form it.
Few months ago he was writhing how I am using his software.

Until now we have:

Barnett(casino consultant) who says FF works extremely well.
Stefano who says it works well but not as good as his computer.
And latest is Mark who says it doesn’t work at all.

Am I a lucky guy.
Who needs friends when have enemies to advertise FF.

We have our big clown Stefano who purchase a cheap house, then caught, move to mammy and daddy’s house with his roulette, cat and dog and his cow to pay his mortage. And we have Mark who rent standing cars to look like a rich.
Well at least, it looks more credible than someone claiming being multi-millionnaire and living in a hut which needs renovations done my himself…(and with money won at the funniest video competition) LOL