Mark Howe - don't buy anything from this guy until you've read this

I recently got an FFZ and decided I wanted to add a discreet way of making the clicks. I saw that Mark Howe was selling a pen which could send the signals to the FFZ and after contacting me, assuring me that it worked well with the FFZ and that he had them in stock, I went ahead and bought one paying via PayPal.

The pen was not received and after contacting Mark he told me it was because he needed a couple more days to make sure my PayPal money had gone through. This is nonsense of course as it was plainly obvious it had. Nevertheless I gave him a couple more days but he then stopped replying to my emails.

I have now made a claim through PayPal for a refund. Its my belief that Mark has no intention of sending me the pen.

However, I don’t think he appreciates who he is dealing with and I have every intention of making Mark Howe an example. He will soon learn what this can mean.

So, the upshot of this is, if anyone is thinking of sending Mark Howe any money for any reason whatsoever, they should think very seriously before they do so. This man is not to be trusted. Certainly no payment should be made via a bank transfer or other method that is difficult to get a refund from.

Wondering what is wrong with him? :-\

Just done a google on his name and came up with this interesting webpage:

Interesting stuff. What a sad little man he must be.

You do not have much luck, aren’t you? At that site I was reviewed as a scammer, and then completely removed since people were laughing with his review. Then reviewed again…and so on.

And this is reality.

Who is manipulating roulette computers information?

If you are aware or web pageroulettesystemsreview.comwhere author claims to independently review popular roulette systems and roulette computers available on the market, then this information may shock you. Behind that web page is Steven GW (Stefano), roulette computer and system seller. For years he used that page pretending to be someone else, to discredit competitors, and to promote his own product. It is not first time that Mr. GW deliberately manipulating public opinion. Previously he was already sentenced for similar scam by Judge Scott for two years jail from which he served 3 months.

Modified: After official complaints Mr. GW had to admit that it’s his own page so he removed reviews of his own product.

I read Stefano’s web page where he finally admitted to his jail adventure where he tried to make it look all innocent but never before I come across this page. It is an ABC news about Stefano’s previous scam.

From: ABC news:

“The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) hopes the jailing of a Melbourne man will discourage spam e-mail senders. Twenty-four-year-old Steven George GW has been jailed for three months for using the Internet to manipulate the American stock market.
He pleaded guilty to posting false financial information on the Internet.” What he really did and how, is better explained at

On 30 October 2000, Steven George GW was sentenced to two years imprisonment in relation to each of three crimes which he pleaded guilty to having committed by sending a fraudulent email to millions of people in Australia and overseas.

Of the 2 year sentence, he was required to serve 3 months with a good behavior bond for the remainder of the term. The convictions resulted from spam sent by Mr. GW and an associate and from bulletin board messages posted by them which were designed to inflate the price of a NASDAQ listed corporation called Rentech Inc in which they had purchased shares.

In May 1999, they sent in excess of three million emails messages to addresses in Australia, the United States and elsewhere. The messages were sent through an ISP from which Mr. GW had anonymously purchased internet access kits. He used Telstra telephone lines to connect with the ISP so as to avoid detection. Mr. GW relayed the messages through nine third party servers, which made the messages look to recipients as though they had emanated from those servers. Use of the third party mail servers in this way did not damage them, but required them to be shut down in order to clear them of the messages. The businesses that used the servers also became concerned about the effect on their reputation as a result of the spam and that somebody had gained access to the servers. The spam and bulletin board messages achieved Mr. GW’s objective. Trading in the shares of Rentech Inc on the day following that on which the emails were sent was ten times the average daily trading volume. The share price doubled before trading was halted pending an announcement to be made by the Company. Rentech Inc issued a press release denying the statements in the email and bulletin board messages. Its share price then fell to below the price at which it had started. The first two counts to which Mr. GW pleaded guilty were of making statements or disseminating information that was:1. false in a material particular; and2. materially misleading and likely to induce the purchase of securities by other persons contrary to the Corporations Law.

The maximum penalty for these offences is a $20,000 fine or imprisonment for five years or both. The third count to which he pleaded guilty is one which is of more general relevance to spammers. It was of committing an offence under sub-section 76E© of the Crimes Act 1914, which relevantly provides that:“a person who, by means of a facility operated or provided by the Commonwealth or by a carrier, intentionally and without authority or lawful excuse…interferes with, interrupts or obstructs the lawful use of a computer…is guilty of an offence. Penalty: Imprisonment for 10 years”. A bulk emailer that uses third party computer facilities to send very large quantities of unsolicited bulk email, knowing that to do so will cause an interruption to those facilities, risks being charged with an offence under section 76E.The sentence in the GW case demonstrates that the penalties may be harsh. In that case, a custodial sentence was imposed notwithstanding that Mr GW had cooperated with police, had pleaded guilty and had no prior convictions.

That said, he was not helped by an email that he had sent to his associate which said:“This is illegal but I like it. Just don’t mention anything to anyone about anything until we purchase the stock and always keep our true identity very concealed.”

By statistics all roulette system sellers are special cases, sometimes I questions myself , maybe I am as well just I do not see it and nobody wants to tell me. :wink:

Blimey, this world of roulette seems to be full of scammers…

Funny old world isn’t it ?

Since I am lazy to make something that I do not need I suggest to some who may be interested in remote switches to contact Mark since he advertised to have them.
I am not up to profit from building electronics devices.

I know you told me, you will try to see what he is selling if it is any good.
I received an email from Mark. He claims that he did not have enough time.

But Sam from Sydney is still waiting for his computer.
Mark Howe’s computer that never arrives (Read 1059 times),342.msg3202.html#msg3202

Mark is bending the truth as he appears to have done for a number of years.

The pen was paid for via PayPal on the 20th, Friday. There was no acknowledgement from Mark. On the Monday he then said he had no internet connection but would send the pen on Tuesday or at the latest on Wednesday.
Nothing was received and there was no reply to my emails. It was then that I put it into dispute with PayPal. You can only do this after a week has passed. Then, as if by magic, Mark replied saying he was ‘just about to send it’. Hohoho.

I’ve seen this all before and I don’t have the time nor inclination to deal with this type of character and have employed an electronics engineer to make me a device to my own specification.

Life is too short to deal with people like Mark and so I won’t be extending this thread by replying any further. I consider the matter closed.

It happened before. As you said you tried and it didn’t work.

Just read what he writes about me on his page. :-\

[size=12pt][b]Mark Anthony Howe is a scammer!

See my site about this man[/b][/size]

If you message me I will tell you where you can get it free. Never buy computer in mobile phone! Listen to what forester says! They are all scams! Even for tilted wheel they are bad because to slow!

But even if slow was ok you need to think of accuracy and take it from me there is lots of others who was scammed by this criminal. Please dont make the same mistake you will not get a refund.

Well you don’t need to have two posts about the same subject.

Worst of all is that i think you are bago. (and i’m praying that you ain’t) If you take look at the site. (this site used bago to report about GW) and now it is the same site.

I feel sorry for this kid (if it is bago). I mean the guy have all the information who lying and who don’t. And still he fails! :frowning:

That is where I choose that host from. I am not bago.

Bago got scammed and used that site and I got scammed and use it. It has good tools to make up web sites. V ery easy to upload pages

I spoke to bago a while ago but we have no relations.

stefano predicts rollers is where I got it not that it makes any difference

Sorry i was supposed to post link to youtube but it did whole video. If you click video you see what i mean but not important anyway

There is now need to make two extra posts. I will just delete 'em Fatgambler

It doesn’t look as Bago.
IP is from the other continent.

Anyway Bago knows Marks computer well he had it few years ago.
He never wrote about it much probably because mark never abused him as Stefano did.

What I “learned” about RC here is, if U going to buy one you must buy it from Forester or you’re screwed. :smiley:

LOL, what else would you like to find here.

Perhaps you should find here that no matter what you do it is HARD.

If you were few years around net you would remember some sellers promising millions.
Now they have very small horns.

Every time someone writes JAVA programming for PDA or mobile phones is not suitable for roulette computers, they jump and scream as monkeys.

Latest is they actually paying Nokia to program firmware for them as I make for the FF.
Unreal. :wink:

I found someone wrapped Stefano’s complete roulette system reviews page from 4-5 years back.
When Stefano as someone else, giving genuine reviews lol. It was mostly to discredit and attack Mark Howe and to give self-credits to himself.

At that time i had only E2. As soon when i made IQE6 - he changed review to scam. It was like that until casino consultant tested it and made proper review.

Enyoy, this is internet :wink: