Mark Howe apologies claiming he was manipulated by Stefano

“We was given Foresters programs to test after someone claimed they did not work and supplied us with his programs. After extensive testing we found them to work Very Well. So my apologies for posting negative reviews about Foresters devices, most of the reports I got was from one person it seems pretending to be many different people, none other than Steven Hourmouzis. It was only after checking an IP I realized I had been duped into believing that Foresters devices do not work, false reports it seems. now I have tested Foresters programs myself I know them to work very effectively. It still takes skill to use such programs in a real casino environment, but this vendor is genuine and his site has a forum that is an excellent source of information on roulette prediction techniques, well worth visiting.

Anyway, in addition to Bago’s site where he is collecting all stupidities from Stefano, there is another site dedicated to Stefanos scam with quite a bit of information with sufficiant evidance.

it is interesting that mark will make this comment whick make me think he is not as bad as steve.