Mamma mia Mark Howe is back?

While self winding windmill goes on and on and on and on…

There is more entertainment.
According to Mark Howe (latest at his web page under competitors) FFA is accurate only because Bago supplied me with Mark’s program.
Then I loaded it to FFA and sent it to Barnett for testing. That is why now the FF works so good. However Mark also claims supplied program is not the latest of his and it can’t be accurate as his current computer.

What made me laugh, Mark even rated it as second the worst next to Stefano’s computer.
If what he claims is truth, then he rated his own program as inappropriate one.

In addition MH claims that until now player with FF had to first clock ball then rotor which is not good way. But using his program I finally fixed such mistake.

For someone who doesn’t know (his PDA was working that way about 3-4 years ago, i have his video).
And I explained him that it is wrong way since we need to clock ball when it is slower, for rotor it doesn’t matter. FF never was working that way, it would be stupid.

Recently someone offered to send me Mark’s latest roulette computer inside mobile phone for testing and I refused. I just do not want to lose my time with it.

To designee FFA to make it talk took me 3 days, but for next 6 months I’ve worked on program to make it the best and to properly test everything.

During that period of time I gain 10 kg in weight.

Now I decided every day when I see someone mention my name with followed stupidity to go for 2 hours bike ride across hills, or 30 min running and 1 hr walking and starching.

But, I can do it only once a day. :-\

This is what i received from Mark:

"I would also like to ask why you distriubted my software illegaly through Foresters (Miro) site and associated message board to all his customers and patrons of his site, that was a bit out of order.

Do you think its ethical distribute someone elses software?

I would like the names and mail headers and how you distributed the software otherwise a mail shot of your face and your name and address will go to every casino in France, you have a very short time to reply.


Mark Anthony Howe"

You are lying Bago

you told me yourself you got it off a guy called Zapata and distributed it to peoples email as a present from you to them. you told alot of people that they could have this gift for free, you even had the cheek to email me and tell me you had my software for free. Its from your mailing account, Stefano got access to this too, either give me the full lists of people you distributed it too or else i take action. First to contact all casinos about you, then secondly to take legal action against you .

So you have two choices, I will not go away Tony, so if you want to think i am some push over, be my guess.I have proof you distributed it, so lets cut the cheap talk.

how many people have you distributed it to on

the version that you got thati have seen that you sent was from ZAPATA, each program has a distinct code in it to identify the owner, you then distributed to everyone on Miros site. You are looking at a serious court case unless I have the names and number of people you distributed it too.


Mark . .

you distributed my software and posted it all over the net, now its my turn ND YOU KNOW YOU DID THIS BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME YOU DID IT!



[b]It seems that scammers go on tilt and become aggressive when exposed and when their software/system are released for free.

The truth is i never sent his PDA software, i downloaded it at gamblersglen when a guy named “Exposer” showed a video of Mark applying his computer. I firmly believe it was Stefano hiding like usual under a fake name and released Mark’s PDA software for free to annihilate competition.[/b]

The video in question is posted here:


It was 2-3 years ago, that you have had his PDA, and even a year ago his computer was good for nothing.