Making 1 million with a 3k bankroll in 1month

How quick can you make 1 million in roulette?

I guess it depends on your skills but once you can achieve edges like 20% consitently, the risk of ruin at 5% is about 1000 units. Let’s also assume there are many casinos in your area and they allow your action for quite a while and you are allowed to play however you want. There are restrictions such as many players at a table during peak hours, different dealers spinning the ball differently, regular service of the wheel every 2 weeks.

Let’s say you bet 5 numbers with $3 each, and assume you have around 30 spins per hour and 20%edge, that is $90 ev per hour. Once you have made 2k, you would have 5k, that’s around 20 hours of play, you play with $5 per number for 5, that is $150 ev per hour. Lets play for another 20 hours, that is another 3k profit.

Now you have 3k+2k+3k=8k. We then move the chip to $8 and play for another 20 hours, that would be ev of 4.8k. Now we have 8k+4.8k=12.8k of 60 hours of playing. The above is probably 2 weeks of play include dating taking.

Passing the 12.8k mark, it is crucial, as now you can play on the $10 table and spins per hour significantly increases to 50 spins per hour! Playing just 10 hours for 10x7 numbers arc, that’s ev of 7k, now you have 19.8k! We then play at a level of $20 per number for 5 numbers and we have ev of 10k in 10 hours as 20x5x50x0.2x10=10k!

We now using a formula such that your bankroll increase by a factor of 1.5 every 10 hours as (19.8k+10k)/19.8k=approximately 1.5 which is the multiplication factor every 10 hours!

20k (70hours)x1.5x1.5x1.5x1.5 =101.25k in 110hours

Now order to turn 101.25k into 1million, that is 101.25(110hours)x1.5^6(60hours)=1.153million
The above used approximately 170 hours which is around 1 month of playing time!

I have spoken to many advantage player and even with a lot of skills, or very high degree of skills, that does not necessarily make them a millionaire. The key in roulette or any sort of advantage play is

  1. Having a consistent advantage.
  2. Scale up bankroll using the 8th wonder of the world which is compound interest
  3. Able to be in a place where there are lots of casinos and wheels and also they are very very few of your competitors or even none to compete with you. In this way, you would be able to play very long without any countermeasures as casinos only deploy countermeasures when they have been hit hard. Personally, i would not play in big cities like london or LV simply becasue the fact that all advantage players around the world has hit them and the casinos had learned the hard way.
    4.avoid bad conditions and walk away!
  4. Don’t overbet and certainly don’t under bet like most advantage players becasue you just have to trust the process of compound interest and increase your bankroll when up and decrease when down.
  5. Speed of the game is key as a 20%edge can do as well as a 40% edge if the speed is 2x.

Know your enemies well and you can win a hundred battles! I have spoken to casino owners and in general, their main concern might not be barring advantage players but how to make more money! I mean no one can invent new things which can beat the casino so bad that can make them go out of business. Nowadays, they can track your winnings easily and tell who is advantage player and does nkt need a brain surgeon to do that. In my recnt plays, i have met believe it or not at least 10 people who had lost 3 million usd in their whole career of gambling and the key is actually having a PR who customs for their needs, free hotel rooms, free meals, even free luxury 7 seaters! Believe it or not, casino does not always make money as they have expenses, and they usually lacks money to invest in PR, rennovation, service, etc! These are the type of casino you want to avoid becasue it limits how much you can play and you absolutley stand out as no one play that big there!

This is a true story of a card counter turning $3000 to over $1million in 2years without advanced technique such as shuffle tracking! He has edges approximately 1.2% with his bet spread. For roulette, the advantage is much higher and there is less heat that blackjack as you don’t have to spread your bets from 1x to12x. After listening to multiple podcast, the moral of the stories are

  1. Walk away when conditions turn bad.
  2. Don’t afraid of getting banned as there is so much you can do!
  3. Put the hours in and try to play as much as you can.
  4. Persuade your family that to agree you to play for 1-2 years full time such that you don’t have to worry about money anymore for the rest of your life!
  5. When things turn bad, especially in your losing streaks, always ask yourself what went wrong and is there anything you can improve next time.
  6. A losing streak plus a back off is probably the worst things it can happen to you. However, there are things that you can improve usually.
  7. Keep your spending low and instead use that money to compound. $100 might worth very little to you now but imagine 100x1.5^(30)=$1,917,510, that is 300 hours of playing time of roulette!
  8. Always plan your trip and has a backup plan!
  9. Teamplay should save you time to look for good wheels. However, it is hard to find someone who is capable and trustworthy at the same time!
  10. Set a stop loss for each session as it might indicate something very wrong is happening!
  11. Allocating time is also very important, find good wheels and taking data and playing. In my own opinion, finding 1beatable wheel and 2 back up wheels in a local area is essential and those advantages should not be less than 20%. There is no GTO(Game Theory Optimal) for this but this should be based on experience and include factors such as
    -how many casinos are there locally and how near are they next to each other
    -how many wheels does each casino has
    -what brand and type of wheels, type of balls does the casino locally uses.
    -the casino management of that local area, how often they level the wheel, rotate the wheel, do they use different balls.
    -How much people usually bet on the table locally, how exclusive is the club you are playing in all contribute to factors of how much you can bet without any heat.
    -the shift of dealers as you always want to play when the good dealers are on shift.
    -how crowded is the tables usually, ideally you want to play heads on or with 1-2 players to maximise game speed.
  12. Has to be patience as ready to sustain losing streaks and have the discipline to stick to maths, believe in the system.