Lowering percentage markers has improved my game

Hi team

I used to play roulette on the emphasis of taking a 50 percent profit in order to leave the wheel, therefore if i hit with a total bet cover of $50.00, i would play win or lose till the value of $75.00 before leaving that game.

Over the years, fluctuation has become very important to me, you can play odds evens roulette all day and still not find a pattern, in fact it would often take me around 4 hours just to hit my 50 percent profit margin, and that’s if i hit it at all.

Now this might seem newbie or low class, but playing for smaller values and with repetition, is now working well for me.

My profit margin percentage is never more than 20 percent.

If i go to a table with $50.00, i leave as soon as i get $60.00, then i hit another game.

Fluctuation is still very much present, but it makes it much more easier to reach, and in doing so on a more frequent basis.

Top Hint, lower your profit margin.

Anyone else tried something similar