London players

I just wanted to know if anyone plays in London? It’s been a while I haven’t seen one ‘pro’ yet ? Thanks.

I dont think those players will make themselves known.

The thing is, if there is one play at the same time with me, I’ll be quickly spot that, however,been to a lot casinos in London, unfortunately, wouldn’t be able to see one, that’s why I wondered if there is any. Anyway, the playing conditions aren’t that good neither.

Well change the conditions then to your favor! Who is controlling the battlefield? You or the casino?
You need to work in all dimensions. I play off-peak hours, which means more spins per hour.
Befriend the dealer, my dealers know if they spin they way i want it, they will receive a tip at the end of session. Tip the the dealer if it increases your EV. If the dealer spins to fast just tell 'em “this fast rotor gives me a headache, lets slow it down partner”
I wear ill fitting clothing and worn out sneakers to look like a degen. Build a database of good dealers and bad. Figure out there shifts.

> If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
You see Art of war is applicable here.

Just by changing the conditions i had an hit rate of 1:19. How? Dealer spun the rotor at same speed, wheel was tilted. How did wheel become tilted, i made it tilted. How did i react? Acting like a degenerate who was on a heater.

London is the city that has the most roulette wheels in europe. I’m sure can find one wheel that is beatable.

There is one thing i hate the most is when people whining about the conditions. Yes conditions might be harder now than in 70/80s, but if you think of the information that is available the public about roulette and AP, just think of FF(i dont have the skills to build that kind of device). Its up to you to decide if the glass is half full or half empty. Well if you dont like it you can quit, no one forces you to do this. Its basically a full time job, when i dont play i scout. Yes i know a place in london, that has good conditions and i have not been to London. The information is available on the internet.

Yes are london ap players and they say that conditions are bad. So they go to other countries to play with conditions. Sorry for my english. All here knows who play or not london. But is your decition to write. One of them is good and have a real idea of the ap . Saludos desde Argentina

Hi Fatgambler
Thanks for your reply and explanation, Im aware what you mean about ‘condition’ and the right attitude should have as a player. However, in London, as more rrs wheels have been introduced and light weight ball has been used, upon my skill at the moment, it is extremely difficult to gain enough edge over the house. I have never doubt there is always something I can improve but in reality, its quite difficult. eg, the wheel I have been playing, with up to 6 dd, tilted, I can get the dd accuracy upto 70% right, the scatter seems to be ‘moody’, measured it under the same condition with same rotor speed sorted, same or similar Barometer readings etc, however, it shifts next day.
I dont want to win the game by luck as it comes and goes, in fact, I want to know the truth about this wheel. Thats why Im thinking if any other players in London have experienced the same issue as me or whether there is something missing from my knowledge, skill wise.